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2020.10.26 07:12 __checkmatey__ Calling ALL Stakeholders - Prepare to Release the Hidden Hydra (v1.6.0)

Calling ALL Stakeholders - Prepare to Release the Hidden Hydra (v1.6.0)
Here is the state of play.
Decred has not achieved any mainstream attention, despite having rock solid code, immaculate design and exceptional technology. Price tells us everything we need to know and there is little room left for excuses.
We need to turn the ship around now. Decred v1.6.0 is due our within a month and it is time to deliver a grassroots marketing campaign for the ages.

We Built it, they have not come.

Price is the signal that the project has not engaged widespread response for the only two reasons people get into cryptocurrencies, Need or Greed. People either need the optionality of an opt-out protocol Decred provides (currency hedge, tech platform, community growth etc) OR they come for the greed factor as price goes on a moon mission creating hype, emotional stake and trade opportunities.
Greed often turns into a realisation of Need.
This is of the utmost importance. This market is about to rip into a bull market and the train will leave with or without Decred on board. We run the risk of fading into irrelevance if we do not pull out all the stops, get all hands on deck and turn the ship around right now.
I will not mince words, Decred needs price to respond to the release of version 1.6.0. If we do not achieve price momentum with this release, I believe we are in serious trouble.
We are here - Lets fucking go!

Releasing Decred v1.6.0 - The Hidden Hydra

This release is the biggest Decred release in a very long time and sets the perfect stage for the reversal. I am informally naming v1.6.0 Hidden Hydra (h/t u/degeri) as it aptly describes the Privacy feature of obscuring stakeholders in the DAO whilst emphasises the decentralised and unstoppable multi-headed beast Decred is. Few respond to calling it v1.6.0 --> They might respond to an intriguing name like Hidden Hydra.
  • CoinShuffle++
  • Lightning Network
  • TSPEND Decentralised Treasury
What is there not to be excited about? Well, the markets reaction if it falls flat. It needs to be out of this world impactful to transfer YOUR excitement to THEIR excitement. We must reintroduce Decred to the world and return from the dead --> Use this as memetic inspiration.
Decred needs Strong, Unwavering, Persistent, Consistent and Uncompromising CHAD marketing commitment from every single DCR holder. If not now, when? SoonTM

This is you. We are all Chad, be the Chad.
We need a coordinated strategy and execution strategy. All hands on deck and all ideas on the table. Decred needs your input and action. Below I will propose a number of objectives and ideas which I believe are necessary to make this launch campaign successful. I cannot create or produce them alone, and I request your help and skills to do so.
Pump ya damn bags.
This is the way.

Campaign Objectives

  • Decred is complex, people are simple --> Make it digestible and accessible for plebs like me
  • Easily shared resources --> When a random asks 'how does X work', we answer with concise content
  • Memetics and narratives are what matters --> Drop reality and D.R.E.A.M big about where Decred is going in the future. Strike a balance between memeing Decred into the existence and keeping feet on the ground of what can and cannot be achieved.
  • The More outlandish your beliefs about how high DCR price can go, the higher it will go.
  • Focus maximum attention on TANGIBLE tools. The Mixer is a good example, get people inside the wallet, using the technology. The other side of the spectrum is the DEX, hard to use right now so treat and advise people it is beta and anyone experienced and using it, share screenshots! This manages expectations, maintains excitement.

Draft Action Items (approx order of necessity)

First up, we need people to step up and deliver this stuff. Nobody packs your lunch in Decred s we all need to find a niche and contribute whatever and wherever we can.
I am no marketing guru and do not profess to know how to make this sausage. So I welcome all ideas, critiques, suggestions but most of all, actions and constructive contributions.
  • Think and Tweet about short, concise and CHAD narratives. You have 5 seconds of attention --> WHY BUY DCR?
  • Decred graphic explainers (think instagram tiles) on how the mixeLN/TSpend works and how to use them. Put them in a repo so people can easily share them. This needs design input and people to make simple copy/analogies.
  • Graphics and GIFs like this one are hectic and go a long way in my opinion. Can we please compile any we have in the works in a community repo?
  • Maximise use of our web portals . If we need to add content and material to them as central sources of memetic ammunition or explainers, please do so.
  • Video interviews with someone walking through how to use Lightning (Matteus?), CSPP (Raedah?), DCRDEX (Chapp/Buck?), and how the TSPEND works (cmon Marco, Decred in Depth ep!)
  • Build a fuckload of memes and distribute them. Make them CHAD, hilarious outlandish, excessive and intriguing. I use crude tools like powerpoint and paint, there is nothing holding you back.
  • Data and performance is key. I can monitor mix performance/volume but if there is a way to track atomic swap volume from dcrdata, please share it so I can hook it into my charts.
  • Spinning up a web interface so people can WATCH the DEX in action would be invaluable (appreciate takes time/work and is on the radar)

Final words

This is difficult because we all know how serious it is. If you have skills and capacity to contribute in any capacity, please do. Pencilled release date for Hidden Hydra is 3 weeks from now so we have from here until then to build repositories of tools, memes and assets to make this launch count.
I welcome all comments, feedback and suggestions of LITERALLY ANYTHING that you think can constructively feed into this launch campaign. This is a chance to show how a decentralised DAO can be both chaotic and effective.
I wish to also suggest that people who you see are seriously putting in the hard yards and kick ass in the campaign, consider tipping them with a donation. When the dust settles and we have hit the top 5 in a record of 2 weeks, then we look at what comes next.
Much love, make it count.
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2020.10.26 06:01 Dead_Bloom r/ThomasPynchon Weekly Announcements (26 October) Vineland Reading Group Schedule 'The Low-Lands' Reading Group Coming This Friday!

Single up all lines, lads and lasses and landlubbers in-between! Here be your weekly announcements!

"Low-lands" Mini-Reading Group Volunteers

"Low-Lands" Discussion Volunteers

Vineland Reading Group Schedule

Dates Chapters/Events Discussion Leader
27 November 2020 Reading Commences -
4 December 2020 One u/acquabob
11 December 2020 Two u/veeagainsttheday
18 December 2020 Three u/sumpsusp
25 December 2020 Four u/mythmakerseven
1 January 2021 Five u/the_wasabi_debacle
8 January 2021 Six u/Jklmnnnnn
15 January 2021 Seven u/Dead_Bloom
22 January 2021 Eight u/atroesch
29 January 2021 Nine u/Sodord
5 February 2021 Ten u/Tommyfromrugrats
12 February 2021 Eleven u/Loveablecarrot
19 February 2021 Twelve u/reefsmantra
26 February 2021 Thirteen ???
5 March 2021 Fourteen ???
12 March 2021 Fifteen u/acquabob
19 March 2021 Capstone Everyone
Keep cool, but care.
- Bloom
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2020.10.26 05:55 fyp2017 In 2020, She's Not Yours. It's Just Your Turn #RedPill #MGTOW2020

Quite often, there is immense pushback from many people without fully understanding just HOW much today's current hypersexualized, hookup culture has become.
All too often, people from previous or older generations seem to assume that the current age of single life aka hypersexual hookup 2020 culture is not actually a reality.
The truth of the matter is that it's even more extreme than you can ever imagine.
Because of this reality, older generations mostly simply choose to remain blind to the obvious fact that even as early as middle school, girls and boys are already experimenting sexually and quite often with multiple partners.
So logically, by the time they are finally away from their parents in college, and no longer under any supervision, they are quite literally out and about having multiple partners and sexual experiences in vast quantities as this is not even flinched at in today's culture as this is considered the new norm among boys and girls.
"Did you smash?"
"Oh, so you got some D?"
Due to this hypersexualized culture that exists now in 2020, it's no surprise that women and men are choosing to marry much later in life if not ever at all.
With a hypersexual society and dating culture, both men and women do not see the need to bother in a courtship when the norm is simply to skip to the bedroom and just go from there.
I mean seriously, why bother with all that shit when you can simply skip to the end?
Then women wonder why these men do not wish to commit to a real relationship and men wonder why 80% women are only chasing the top 20% of men?
Well gentlemen, this is simply logical.
If an entire dating culture is purely based on fulfilling sexual needs, then physical attraction is the ONLY factor that matters.
Therefore, physical looks are what women seek 100% of the time.
Well, why don't they seek anyone else in that 80% majority? Surely there are nice guys there or at least average looking guys who are nice right?
Well, it's not as complicated as you think it is.
It's very logical and Simple.
Those 80% of the remaining guys most consist of the blue pilled beta simp providers that offer CashApp, Venmo, food, dates, OnlyFans, free therapy, and white knight protection that insecure women receive for simply existing.
In addition, the blue pill beta simp provider WANTS to be there and remain there forever by choice.
But what about the 20% men?
Of course men, would prefer to sleep with the top 20% of physically beautiful women, however, men are fully aware of the two undeniable truths behind that.
  1. In order to fully date a top tier physically attractive woman, he must put in way more effort than on an average or below average female. This includes the very real possibility of actually going on dates with her and the possibility that he may not sleep with her at all. But he asks himself, why the fuck would I do that when a 1000 average or below average girls are willing to come over right now at 1AM and smash?
  2. Again, he, being a top 20% man physically, can basically have a sexual experience freely thrown in his face from a woman that is average or or below average 24/7 and can also get her to simp for him?
I mean, it's Weds night. Ehhh, she said she'd come over with food right now at 2am, so why the fuck not?
This explains why the top 20% of men continue to sleep with most of the women on all online dating apps while 80% of the men wonder why they haven't received even 1 match in over a week, unless of course you are a beta simp provider.
Think about it gentlemen. Seriously take a minute and just think about it.
If 80% of all women are choosing the top 20% of the most attractive men and on slow days these top tier physically attractive men are basically smashing with most of the women on these dating apps.
It only makes logical sense that among the mix of those women who are for the most part considered mostly average or below average looking also get their turn with the 9 or 10 guy.
This also in turn then leads this average or below average woman to actually believe that she can get this type of guy now all the time and therefore her physical standards have permanently been altered to an overinflated and completely unrealistic standard of herself and the type of man she can get sexually.
And now, she feels further entitled to the top tier men all the while keeping beta simp providers on call or starting an Only Fans page or become an Egirl streaming on Twitch asking for Venmo payments and CashApp payments to her beta simp providers online.
Then she wonders why the top tier physically attractive guy ghosts her, leaves her on read, treats her like FWB, or simply doesn't give a shit. Because he NEVER gave a shit to begin with. WHY the HELL would he? Did you think he would actually catch feelings for you? Are you fucking serious?
He has virtually the ENTIRE internet of average and below average women to work with who are matching with him over a 1000 times a day and hitting his dms every single night willing to come over and smash.
He's busy with 80% of the ENTIRE dating pool thirsting for him.
Just know that in a hypersexualized culture, it's obvious that in 2020, that she's never ever yours and never will be.
Even if you end up marrying her, 50% of married men find out that painful truth that yes, it's just your turn.
It's just the way it is now and there's no reason to even bother to figure it out because it's just plain logical if the entire dating mantra is simply a smash and grab culture.
No Wonder so many men are just simply choosing to go their own way and focus on their own lives and invest in their own self to find a more meaningful and purposeful existence in life.
Always remember gentlemen, you have a choice.
You don't have to participate in this fucking bullshit.
You can go your own way.
Invest in the absolute and undeniable best investment you can ever make: YOURSELF.
Stay on your Mission gentlemen and become the man that attracts people to you and that want to be with you on a genuine and heartfelt level.
Also, once you have become Red Pilled, always remember that it's a high value man also makes it his mission to help and empathize with the brotherhood by offering guidance to those who wish to leave the Matrix. Keeping an open mind for discussion, and only offering him choices to find his own path to becoming his own King.
Watch this video that echos this statement by our good friend, Rich Cooper.
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2020.10.26 05:31 Jikkur After building a new PC, my monitors struggle to work together

Back in March I decided to try out building a computer. One issue I never managed to fix but managed to work around was that my dual monitors did not properly work.
Upon turning on the computer, my ASUS monitor would turn on and function as normal but as a single monitor. It would not detect my secondary SAMSUNG monitor and during this period videos or games would be extremely choppy. After some time, the main screen would go black for a few seconds then both monitors would work and everything would be smooth. This persisted until the computer would either sleep or power off. Then the issue would happen again. Once, however, the issue was switched. My main monitor would not connect and the secondary monitor acted as the only connected monitor. After some time, the same black screen happened and both connected normally.
To avoid this problem I had been leaving my computer running for long periods of time. I returned today and attempted to use my computer and found that the issue got worse and I have no clue what is causing it or how to fix it.
When I got home my secondary monitor was the only monitor that was connected and it prompted me for a computer update. I updated and reset my computer and the secondary monitor stayed connected while the primary ASUS one would not connect. I decided to power off my computer and unplug all connections to see if a simple unplug replug would fix anything. When I powered my computer on again after plugging in everything, my main monitor was again the only monitor connected. I waited and the screen went black like normal. When they came back on I did not get the normal result. I instead got my secondary monitor connected as the only display and the primary, that had just been functioning seconds ago, was unable to connect.
In the device manager the system recognizes both and I have tried disabling and reenabling, uninstalling and reinstalling, all drivers are to date.
I am running Windows 10.
The monitors are ASUS VG248 and SAMSUNG series5 550 27 in monitor.
I have a ROG Strix Z390-E Motherboard
NVIDIA 2080 Super Graphics Card
Thermaltake Smart700W power supply
2x CORSAIR Vengence PRO 16GB Ram Sticks
Intel i7-9700F CPU
Any ideas or assistance is greatly appreciated
Below are links to pictures of my rig. Not sure if they'll be helpful but I was suggested to do it.
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2020.10.26 05:01 technozu How to Empty Trash in Google Docs - Technozu

Google Drive will no longer maintain trash items beyond 30 days starting October 13. Previously, the trash or deleted things in Google Drive will stay in the crap indefinitely, unless users removed it. For GSuite users, admins can reestablish trash for as many as 25 days for busy users. Users will get educated on Google Drive along with Google Docs as well as Google Form apps. (How to Empty Trash in Google Docs)
Gmail to Find a redesign? : A Gmail redesign could be in the works as Google has teased for the new logo of Gmail. According to a report by 9to5 Google, Google brings new logos out with new services. The logo is a drawing of this letter M. Thus far, the classic envelope shape has remained the same since 2004.
In accordance with the report, the possible new logo takes advantage of this blank background that is contemporary Android and iOS house monitor icons. Meanwhile, it is horizontal and the outer corners are a lot more curved than previously, fitting with Google's most up-to-date design language. Gmail's new logo is very likely to integrate the four colours-- blue, red, yellow, and green as it did in the recent redesigns of both Google Maps and Google Photos logos.
"People tell us they feel overloaded with too much information and too many tasks across too many distinct tools. Rather than learning another instrument, we want the tools we already use to be even more useful, and operate together, in an integrated, intuitive way," G Package mind Javier Soltero had said when new attributes were added to Gmail in July. (how to empty trash in google docs)
In other news, OnePlus has brought One Plus Messages program, the default messaging app for One Plus consumers into the Google Play Store. The program will work on a single Plus smartphone only. Even though users with other phones cannot install this program, they will get faster updates , as per reports.
The benefit for OnePlus users is that they will not have to wait for Oxygen OS upgrades to utilize the upgraded One Plus Messaging apps. The 1 Plus Messages program will be able to one-tap copy one-time passwords, financial transactions, and even promotions within the conversation overview panel. The program aims to declutter SMS info. There is a new card format for messages using ticketing or bank trade info, Android Central noted. The One Plus Messages App is not readily available for all users. It might roll out in the coming weeks with OnePlus 8T.
Visit Us:
how to empty trash in google docs
how do i empty google drive trash all at once
google drive empty trash not working
google drive empty trash automatically
how to delete files from google drive on android
how to empty google drive
how to delete all files from google drive
how to delete files from google drive on mac
can i recover deleted files from google drive?
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2020.10.26 05:00 distancelongmovers Cross Country Moving Companies in Denver CO

Cross Country Moving Companies in Denver CO

Cross Country Moving Companies in Denver CO
Are you looking for a Cross Country Moving Companies in Denver CO? Rely on Long Distance Movers USA. We offer a broad range of solutions that are designed to make your relocation journey even simple and safe. Whether you are just moving a single room or an entire large family house, we are here to serve you with top quality customer care and affordable services option. Long Distance Movers USA is an ideal solution for the cross country move.
We offer hassle-free services
A simple no-obligation estimate as per your requirements
An empty container delivered to your home
Loading of your belongings
Drove across the country to your new destination
Unloading of your essentials
You can save your money by packing and loading things on your own, and we will assist you in this decision too. But so far, you have other strict working schedule, tasks to disconnect utilities, changing of the mail, and contact address. But this can cause delay and hurdle when you didn’t pack your essentials properly, it can cause damage during the transition to the new property.
Planning the search for Cross Country Moving Companies in Denver CO
There are a lot of things to consider when your biggest travel along with the house and it demands your time and money at the top of the list. Make your process as stress-free as possible by keeping an eye on what to expect.
How much does it cost?
Estimate for the move depends on various factors and it varies at every Cross Country Moving Companies in Denver CO. Full-service move can cost you $5000 or above, but it entirely depends on the moving material and distance.
Long Distance Movers USA cost estimate is based on the material, size, weight, and distance, with additional details about your requirements whether you need a full moving service or individual service. There is no down payment or deposit-just pay securely by whichever mean is suitable for you.
How long it takes
Cross Country Moving Companies in Denver CO take one to two weeks to move you across the country and how far will the truck drive each day. Long Distance Movers USA transit time is an average of just 2-5 business days.
How To Get Started
Reach out. First things first – you will need to either complete our online quote request form or call Long Distance Movers at to get the ball rolling.
Share your information. We will collect all of the necessary information about your move, including the date of your move and where you are moving to, as well as information regarding your home, property and any add-on services, such as packing and storage.
Your Binding Estimate. You will get assigned a Professional and Well-Trained moving coordinator. We will go over a very thorough inventory of your furniture items and boxes. Then provide you with a binding estimate based off the information you provide.
The Reservation. Once you are ready to move forward and book your move just reach out to your assigned coordinator and they will take you through the reservation process.
You Can Also Visit Our Website:
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2020.10.26 04:32 ModeratorsOfArmenia Azerbaijan-Turkey war against Artsakh [Day 30]

Armenia sub strives to be a quality source of up-to-date information and related developments
=> No justification, celebration or trivialisation of violence
=> No hate speech, personal attacks, trolling, low level or off-topic participation
=> Telegram channels are not official nor journalistic sources
=> When posting new info, include the link and relevant text
Donations <-- tax exempt for US citizens
Previous Megathreads (day) => 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (27 sept 2020)
David's daily wrap-ups => Oct 24 Oct 23 Oct 22 Oct 21 Oct 20 Oct 19 Oct 18 Oct 17 Oct 16 Oct 15 Oct 14 Oct 13 Oct 12 Oct 11 Oct 10 Oct 9 Oct 8 Oct 7 Oct 6 Oct 5 Oct 4 Oct 3 Oct 2 Oct 1 Sep 30 Sep 29 Sep 28 Sep 27
David's patreon
Media updates and wrap-ups => EVNReport OC-Media JAMNews
Official sources => ArmenianUnified Artsrun Hovhannisyan Shushan Stepanyan Nikol Pashinyan Razm info
Analysts and experts => Tom de Waal Laurence Broers Emil Sanamyan
What is all this about? (updated Oct 24)
  • On Sept 27 Azerbaijan with direct involvement of Turkey using its Jihadist mercenaries from Syria and elsewhere launched a devastating war against the de facto Nagorno Karabakh Republic in an attempt to resolve the lingering Karabakh conflict using extreme and remorseless violence despite the existing peace process while rejecting UN's calls to stop fighting and also rejecting UN's appeal for a global ceasefire due to the pandemic.
  • Independent organisations have raised alarms of genocide (23 Oct), ethnic cleansing and a humanitarian catastrophe for the sieged indigenous Armenian population of Nagorno Karabakh.
  • Azerbaijan has intentionally violated international law by severely damaging 130 cities and villages including the capital of Nagorno Karabakh Stepanakert using aerial bombings, drone attacks, precision missiles, smerch, semi-ballistic strikes and artillery means as well as usage of cluster bombs against civilian settlements causing half of the Armenian civilians to be forced to leave and the remaining to live in underground shelters.
  • As of Oct 24 Azerbaijan's concerted destruction against the ethnic Armenian civilians of Nagorno Karabakh has resulted in 40 civilian killed, 120 wounded and 13100 civilian infrastructure destroyed, including homes, apartments, hospitals, schools, civilian vehicles as well as key civilian infrastructure vital to the survival of the civilian population. The destruction includes cultural heritage manifested by the bombing of a 19th century Armenian church.
  • As of Oct 24, Armenian KIA amount to a thousand, making it higher per capita than the KIA of the Vietnam War.
  • Neither the maxim of "there is no military solution to the conflict" always repeated by the US, France, EU, NATO, among others, nor all the calls for an unconditional ceasefire and resumption of negotiations made by the UN, EU, NATO, France, Russia and the US, among others, nor the two humanitarian ceasefires brokered by Russia and France which were summarily violated by Azerbaijan with backing from Turkey, have persuaded the latter to halt the violence.
  • As of Oct 24, after all the devastation, heavy destruction of armour of both sides, and over 6000 killed personnel of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces, Turkish-backed Jihadi mercenaries, and Turkish Armed Forces, as per the military leadership of Armenia, Azerbaijan is in control of some of the southern areas of the surrounding territories to the south and a small portion to the north east - all of them low lands.
What's up with Nagorno Karabakh?
  • Nagorno Karabakh has been an officially bordered self-governed autonomous region since 1923 which de facto became independent from the Soviet Union before Armenia and Azerbaijan gained their independence. Nagorno Karabakh has never been governed by the state of Azerbaijan and has never been under control of an independent Azerbaijan.
  • Nagorno Karabakh has had continuous majority indigenous Armenian presence since long before Azerbaijan became a state in 1918. Karabakh Armenians have their own culture, dialect, heritage and history going back millennia.
  • Nagorno Karabakh does not have the status of an occupied territory and it is not referred to as such by the international community, the UN, OSCE, third party experts, and all reputable international media. Nagorno Karabakh is considered by the international community as a break-away enclave where its Armenian indigenous population has agency with legal backing. Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous Oblast as was known during the USSR-era made several petitions to join Armenia, the last one backed by the European Parliament in 1988, culminating in an independence referendum.
  • The final status of Nagorno Karabakh is pending the UN-mandated OSCE settlement as also agreed to by Azerbaijan on the basis of the Helsinki Final Act of 1975 among other norms of international law. The UN-mandated OSCE led by the US, France and Russia, and backed by the UN, EU, NATO and Council of Europe, among others, non-optionally applies the principle of self-determination to Nagorno Karabakh.
  • There are four existing UN Security Council resolutions from 1993 which called for cease of hostilities and mandated the conflict to be settled under the OSCE framework, with the latter determining the final status of Nagorno Karabakh. These resolutions were triggered because of the capture of surrounding territories around Nagorno Karabakh by the Nagorno Karabakh forces during the final months of the Karabakh War in 1993. These resolutions do NOT recognise Nagorno Karabakh as occupied; do NOT demand withdrawals from Nagorno Karabakh; do NOT recognise Armenia as having occupied any territories; do NOT demand any withdrawals by Armenia from any territories - which is why there were no grounds for invoking Chapter VII either.
  • Same as above also applies to the only other existing non-binding 2008 UN General Assembly resolution which was rejected by the OSCE co-chairs (US, France and Russia) for attempting to bypass the UN-mandated OSCE framework to determine the final status of Nagorno Karabakh. The vast majority of UN member states abstained from voting in favour of this Azerbaijani-drafted unilateral resolution, and the vast majority of states which voted in favour were members of OIC and GUAM.
  • The ceasefire agreement of 1994 had three signatories: Armenia, Azerbaijan and Nagorno Karabakh.
  • This is an authoritative map of Nagorno Karabakh with the surrounding territories with original place names courtesy of Thomas de Waal.
  • The Crisis Group's Karabakh Conflict Visual Explainer has a detailed timeline of the conflict.
  • The constitution of the de facto republic states that Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Artsakh Republic are synonymous, while not laying claim on the surrounding territories.
Is there a peace plan?
Is there a neutral narrative of the conflict?
  • UK-based Conciliation Resources helped Armenian and Azerbaijani journalists to jointly produce a neutral documentary where everything you see and hear is agreed by both parties, watch it online here. Tom de Waal's Black Garden book is considered to be a comprehensive and balanced work on the conflict.
I do not live in Armenia, how can I help?
Disclaimer: Borders are fluid in 5th generation wars. Fog of war exists. Official news is not independent news. Some sources of information are of unknown origin, such as Telegram channels often used to report events by users. There are independent journalists from reputable international media in Nagorno Karabakh.
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2020.10.26 04:03 Zithero Of Nite and Dei [Chapter 21]

Table of Contents
Chapter 16 l Chapter 17 l Chapter 18 l Chapter 19 l Chapter 20
Shuttle Goodwill
Yuki floated to her bed, knowing she would have to force herself to sleep as she was sharing shifts with Issla.
Issla floated above her, heading to her own bunk.
“So, will we be handling the ship together?” Yuki asked.
Issla gave a nod, “yes. It’s nice to have a fourth, capable member of the crew. Nice to always have a partner. We were used to having a few hours of being alone, not great when we pass the E-Threshold.”
“E-Threshold?” Yuki asked.
“Yes,” Issla said, speaking loudly enough so that Yuki could hear her from the top bunk. “It’s the point where we lose our empathic links from Nite.”
“When does that happen?” Yuki said concern on her face as she thought about what it would feel like to no longer feel Serren.
“Sometime tomorrow, that’s when we need to rely on our Niten links,” Issla sighed, “it’ll be bad for a week, so I hope you can handle that.”
Yuki laughed nervously, “I’m sure I’ll be fine.” Yuki said, clipping herself into the bed and adjusting the straps to hold her gently, yet firmly, into her bed.
Issla peaked over to Yuki, “need help with the straps?”
“Nah, I’m good,” Yuki smiled, “Thanks though.”
“Goodnight, Yuki,” Issla said.
“Goodnight, Issla,” Yuki responded.
Yuki settled in as the lights near them shut off, she closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Yuki woke, startled, and dazed.
Flames were consuming everything around her! She turned to look for Serren but didn’t find him anywhere.
Yuki flung herself out of bed and pushed through the flames to reach the balcony of her home.
There stood two figures she had never seen before.
One was a young Dei Angel with long black hair and black wings. Her eyes were a stunning violet, and she wore clothing she could only recall as old Dei Military regalia.
Next to her was a red Niten dragon, young as well. He wore robes, similar to that of the Scribe, though his robes were lined with different colored borders and had beautiful embroidery on them.
“Where’s Serren?!” Yuki shouted to the pair.
The woman turned to her, concern on her face, “Mom, get inside.”
“Mom?!” Yuki shouted, shocked.
The young Nite turned to Yuki and walked to her, “Sister I’ll take her inside,” he turned to the Dei Angel, who Yuki just realized was just as tall as the Red Nite who was approaching her.
The girl nodded, “okay brother, I’ll go check in with dad at the hospital,” with that the woman crouched for a moment, and leaped into the air with such force that a powerful wind blew Yuki and the red Nite off balance.
“What is going on?!" Yuki demanded.
The Red Nite turned to her, concerned as he felt her hand, “Mother, it’s okay,” his concern shifted to that of a warm smile, “we’ll make sure everything is okay.”
The ground shook, “What is happening?” Yuki shouted, “Is there another stampede?”
The Red Nite shook his head, “No, something fell from the sky,” he turned, his eyes narrowing at the now darkening clouds overhead.
“Like a meteorite?!” Yuki exclaimed.
The Red Nite shook his head, “No, something far more treacherous.”
Yuki heard screaming before she woke up. She sat up in her bed in a cold sweat, the strap pulled her tight as she tried to wake.
Issla was by her side, “Yuki, you okay?”
Yuki nodded, heaving breaths, slowing her breathing, “yes, just a nightmare…”
Issla frowned, “I hope those aren’t common.”
“I’m sure it’s just nerves,” Yuki reasoned, unstrapping herself from the bed.
“It’s okay to be nervous,” Issla advised, “I’d be worried if you weren’t.”
“Yeah,” Yuki answered, “nothing to be worried about.”
“We need each other for this journey, so it’s important we’re honest and opened,” Issla advised.
“I’ll keep that in mind,” Yuki responded, glancing to her stomach, “I hope you’re safe. I can’t go to find one child only to lose the other”
Cleo was flabbergasted by Mr. Sorjoy’s request, “Mr. Sorjoy, I cannot-”
“I need you for this, Cleo,” Sorjoy explained, “you’re my right hand. I need you to go with me to the wedding, as my date, but in the pretext that you are my assistant.”
Cleo’s brow furrowed, “Mr. Sorjoy, it is very late, can I please get back to you in the morning?”
“I’ll need to know first thing,” Sorjoy said, “otherwise I need to make… other arrangements.”
Cleo flinched, knowing that those other arrangements were likely to be Jasmin. She didn’t know why she felt a twinge of jealousy. She had no real desire to be with Sorjoy. It wasn’t that she hated him, but rather she didn’t know enough about him.
She feared his connections, his shady dealings, and if she were to get close to him, would she become a target? If those in Cerberus would target her, what about other enemies of Sorjoy?
“I need an answer soon, Cleo,” Sorjoy demanded.
“Fine, Mr. Sorjoy, but I will only do this as an extension of my position as your assistant,” Cleo said, caving to his demands.
“Good, I’ll give you a budget for an evening gown,” Sorjoy offered.
“I have an evening gown,” Cleo informed him.
“One suitable for such a formal event?” Sorjoy asked.
Cleo’s lip raised in anger and she narrowed her eyes at nobody in particular, “Mr. Sorjoy, I am not some pauper! I understand the dress code of this event, and if you do not mind, sir,” Cleo argued, “I will need an hour or two more than you to get ready for this event, so I do hope you’ll be able to handle yourself from 1 pm on tomorrow!”
“Excuse me, Cleo? I will not-” Sorjoy was cut off.
“No, Mr. Sorjoy, if you do not mind it is 1 am and if I am expected to make an appearance at such an event I will need to rest,” Cleo stated, “Good night, Mr. Sorjoy!” with that she ended the call.
Cleo walked to her closet, angrily flipping through her wardrobe. “Make sure you have a ‘suitable evening gown for such a formal event’, oh just you wait you arrogant fuck! I’m going to blow your fucking wings off!” Cleo grinned as she came upon a particular dress, grinning wickedly, “Perfect.”
Sorjoy was unsure what to expect when he walked into his office the next morning.
His evening with Jasmin was enjoyable. The girl was talkative, but it was clear to him that her perceived intellect was surface level at best. Any time he would probe her for the information she would falter or shift the subject to him.
Jasmin was an expert at doing this, talking about him most of the night and flattering him. She seemed to know exactly how to stroke his ego, which Sorjoy would have enjoyed more if he hadn’t noticed it so easily.
As his elevator reached his floor, there was Cleo, as she always was, sitting at her desk on her tablet.
Cleo glanced up to Sorjoy, getting to her feet, “Good morning, sir.”
“Cleo,” Sorjoy said as he passed her desk, “I want to apologize in advance for the late call last night.”
“That’s alright sir, I’m your executive assistant, after all, I should make myself available to you at your convenience,” Cleo stated, “I’ve rescheduled most of your day with the plan of me leaving at 1 pm to prepare for this evening’s event.”
Sorjoy smiled, “Thank you very much, Cleo. You leaving at 1 pm is perfectly acceptable.”
“Thank you, Mr.Sorjoy,” Cleo said, picking up her tablet and following Sorjoy into his office, “then we have an extremely busy morning.”
Sorjoy nodded as Cleo followed him to his desk, explaining to him the itinerary for the morning.
Before he even knew it, in the middle of his conference call with several new investors, he found a message from Cleo.
“Mr. Sorjoy, it is 1 pm and I will be leaving to prepare for this evening’s event. Please remember that after the conference call you have a follow-up call with Senator Snode. I’ve informed him you must conclude by 3 pm,” Cleo’s text read.
Sorjoy responded back, “Thank you, Cleo. You may leave. I’ll pick you up at 7 pm.”
Another text appeared, “your Tuxedo is waiting at my desk. I’ve instructed Naberious with the driving itinerary. He’ll wait for you after taking you to your condo at 3 pm and wait for you until you’re ready. Please be finished by 6 pm, Naberious will pick me up at 6:30 pm and we will arrive at the event at 7 pm, sharp.”
Sorjoy smiled, enjoying having the day mapped out to the minute, “thank you again, Cleo.”
There were no further text messages from Cleo as his conference call came to an end.
Sorjoy’s phone rang once more, and Sorjoy saw it was a call from Palma, “What is it? I’ve got a wedding to get to in several hours.”
“Clearly not yours,” Palma jabbed, laughing.
“Get to the point, Palma,” Sorjoy growled.
“Yeah yeah,” Palma said, taking a drag from a cigarette, “so our little birdie flew the coop. Someone paid his bail.”
“How the fuck did that happen?” Sorjoy growled.
“Apparently someone leaked that we were holding someone who might have been innocent against the law. Some human rights bullshit and so on,” Palma confided, “apparently a senator got called.”
“What?!” Sorjoy snapped, he turned to the phone, “funny enough, I have to make a call to a senator. Any idea what senator let the bastard go?”
“Senator Elizbeth Warren, if I recall,” Palma grumbled, “apparently she had some choice words for my father.”
“And Gabriel caved like a sack of shit,” Sorjoy grumbled, “I’ll have to let Mr. Trueman know who, exactly, allowed the man suspected of orchestrating the theft of his diamond to be set free.”
“Woah, Woah,” Palma defended, “I didn’t say that!”
“Palma,” Sorjoy smiled, “if there’s a vacancy in the Commissioner position… do you not think there will be an emergency election?”
“Sure, but-” Palma was cut off.
“And who will I seek to fill that spot, if I am awarded Mr. Trueman’s position?” Sorjoy smiled as he played on Palma’s weakness.
“That's my father,” Palma pointed out, agitation in his voice.
“And he has held the position of commission for how many years now, Palma? Don’t you think it’s time you gave your old man a nice, easy retirement,” Sorjoy smiled wickedly to himself.
“I’ve got to give him a heads up, at least? Please? You know that much, Sorjoy,” Palma begged.
“By all means, try, but Trueman loves that diamond-like it was his own child, anyone who gets in the way of bringing those who tried to take it from him to justice? They are going to suffer a swift and harsh punishment,” Sorjoy threatened.
“At least let me give him a heads up so he can resign, rather than getting canned,” Palma pleaded, “I know Trueman has dirt on my dad, I’d rather that shit didn’t get out, whatever it is.”
“Fine,” Sorjoy said, “tell your father to resign, I’ll inform Trueman that I was the one who demanded he does so.”
“Win-win then,” Palma said, “I’ll let him know, but you swear you’re going to have my back for his spot?”
“Absolutely,” Sorjoy said, smiling, “I’ll even put a good word in for you with Trueman.”
“Fine,” Palma snapped, “I’ll get right on it. Sir.” The line then went dead.
Sorjoy laughed, looking at the phone, “Dance, little puppet, dance.”
Sorjoy then recalled Cleo’s text and checked the time. He was slightly behind on his call to Senator Snode. He quickly placed the call to Senator Snode.
The phone rang enough times that Sorjoy thought he was going to his voicemail.
The line finally picked up, “Ah, Mr. Sorjoy. Fashionably late, but present! An improvement, I must say,” Snode jabbed.
“Sorry Senator,” Sorjoy said, placing a headset on and moving to his office door, grabbing a garment bag that was sitting on Cleo’s desk on his way to the elevator, “it’s been a very hectic day. I also got a warning from someone I know in the police department that the man who attacked my caravan not too long ago is out on bail.”
“Troubling indeed, sorry to hear that,” Senator Snode emphasized.
“Apparently, Senator Warren had something to do with it,” Sorjoy informed, “needless to say, I don’t feel very safe.”
“Warren’s a bleeding heart human right’s advocate,” Senator Snode stated, “it doesn’t shock me, but… I am glad you told me. I have some friends in the opposing party who would love to use that against her in her next campaign. Care to give me some more of the details? Could be handy.”
“Senator,” Sorjoy smiled, “I’m a businessman, you know nothing I do is for free.”
“Well we wouldn’t be living in a free world if that was the case,” Senator Snode laughed, “fair enough. You gave me something to chase, only fair to play quid-pro-quo. So I guess you’re looking to have some relief on the taxes coming your way for that nice acquisition of yours?”
Sorjoy smiled, “I would appreciate it, Senator, such an artifact was very costly to bring in, not to mention the untold losses we had from losing one of our top miners.”
“I understand, Mr. Sorjoy I’ll allot you a special tax rebate for your operation costs, and then some, with respect to this one mineral acquisition?” Senator Snode’s voice was hopeful, “I’ll guess that should cover any taxes you’d owe by years end.”
Sorjoy smiled, “Sounds agreeable, how about you send the offer to my office, and upon it being as we discussed, I’ll provide the information you’d like regarding Senator Warren allowing a dangerous terrorist to walk our streets.”
“I’m happy we could make an arrangement, Mr. Sorjoy,” Senator Snode laughed, “I’m also expecting a sizable contribution to my re-election campaign next year.”
“I’m assuming if that doesn’t happen… I’ll find the rebate revoked?” Sorjoy asked.
“Now now,” Senator Snode laughed, “I didn’t say that… but I can’t say that the rest of the senate would be happy to see such a large tax rebate if, say, you were to suddenly be audited?”
“I see,” Sorjoy smiled, “Well, Senator, I’m sure we can avoid being audited then.”
“Excellent speaking with you, Mr. Sorjoy,” Senator Snode said, happily.
Sorjoy smiled as he walked through his lobby, “and you as well, Senator.”
“Enjoy the wedding, I hear Mr. Hoffman’s got himself a lovely bride,” Senator Snode added.
“Yes, I’m wishing him the best,” Sorjoy said as he walked towards the limousine.
“Send him my regards,” Senator Snode laughed.
“I will,” Sorjoy said, climbing into the limo, “and I’ll be in touch.”
“I will as well, Mr. Sorjoy,” Senator Snode concluded. The call ended.
Sorjoy unzipped the garment bag, looking over the rose-colored shirt and red lined dark suit, smiling at it, “Perfect.”
Sorjoy affixed an expensive watch to his wrist as he checked himself in the mirror. His shirt matched his red hair and wings perfectly, and the slim fit of the tuxedo was flawless as well.
Sorjoy buttoned up the suit and grinned smugly to himself as he adjusted the maroon tie and checked his golden cufflinks. His black shoes had a high gloss shine. He made his way from his high rise condo down below to the waiting limousine.
He headed through the lobby of the luxurious skyscraper where his condo sat high in the upper floors, the door to the street being opened by the imp doorman.
“Looking good Mr. Sorjoy,” a grey colored Imp in an elegant white doorman uniform and hat chirped. If Sorjoy remembered, he was named Uprem. After his rough patch with Malik and Cleo, Sorjoy decided to address the Imp today.
“Thank you, Uprem,” Sorjoy grinned.
Uprem was taken aback, “oh, uh, you’re welcome Mr. Sorjoy!”
Sorjoy made his way to the Limo, spotting Naberious standing by the door.
“Nice threads, Mr.Sorjoy,” Naberious admired Sorjoy’s expensive designer tuxedo as he opened the door as he thought to himself, “somebody must want to impress Cleo.”
“Thank you, Naberious, I assume we’re heading to pick up Cleo?” Sorjoy asked.
“Next stop, yes,” Naberious informed as he closed the door behind Sorjoy.
Sorjoy adjusted his wings slightly in the limo as they drove on. Sorjoy did not recognize their next stop, as they pulled up to what appeared to be a salon.
Naberious looked back from the driver’s seat, “I believe, traditionally, you should step out to greet her. You are her date, Mr. Sorjoy.”
Sorjoy gave Naberious a nod, “I suppose that would be best.” Sorjoy got out of the limousine, and as he did, his jaw dropped the moment he saw Cleo.
Cleo walked out of the salon wearing a long dress that sparkled in the evening lights. Her dress was backless, and the straps came over her bust, showcasing her cleavage tastefully, hugging her trim waist and following her shapely hips. The silver dress was peppered with long lines of black which shimmered as she walked. Her legs were clad in white stockings and she approached Sorjoy in tall silver stilettos.
Cleo’s hair was styled long, and straight, her make-up was impeccable, her eye shadow a soft lilac in color while her lips were a soft pink, her violet eyes seemed to glow from behind the dark eyeliner and long lashes she sported.
Cleo’s white wings were conditioned, shimmering along with the rest of her dress. The streetlights occasionally cause light to refract on the edges of her feathers, making the illusion of a rainbow of color along the edges of her wings.
Even Cleo’s nails were done, mostly white, with violet tips.
Sorjoy’s eyes hadn’t left her as Cleo approached him, and as she finally reached him, she pulled a small matching clutch forward, checking her make-up in the mirror before her eyes moved to Sorjoy.
Hanging over the tops of her wings was a set of thin silver chains, each ending at one of her primary feathers.
“Mr. Sorjoy, if we don’t get going quickly, I’m afraid we’ll be late,” Cleo said flatly.
Sorjoy tried to compose himself, “Oh, right, s-sorry it’s just-”
“I understand, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo smiled a brilliant smile to him as she offered her hand, “help me in?”
Sorjoy nodded, taking her hand as Cleo used Sorjoy to steady herself as she climbed into the limousine.
“You look stunning,” Sorjoy managed as he climbed in.
“That was the goal, Mr. Sorjoy,” Cleo said.
"No," Sorjoy objected, "we're officially off the clock, call me Erik."
"Off the clock, in the company car?" Cleo objected.
"Perks," Sorjoy grinned.
Cleo smiled back and turned to Naberious, “Nab, we need to get going.”
“Yes ma’am,” Naberious chuckled, heading towards the wedding.
Sorjoy looked Cleo over, his eyes scanning her from head to toe, “Now I must have this woman,” he thought to himself.
After a long day, Rezzolina found herself finally heading home. As she landed, she spotted Serren, fully dressed, and ready to leave. “Serren?” Rezzolina asked, approaching him quickly, “what’s going on?”
“I’m going to head home,” Serren explained, “I need to get to work, my sabbatical is coming to an end and I will need something to keep my mind off of Yuki.”
Rezzolina hugged him, “Serren, don’t go yet.”
“I’ve already taken enough time off of work,” Serren argued.
“They have gotten along so far without you,” Rezzolina reasoned, “I’m sure they’ll manage.”
“Why don’t you want me to go, Rezza?” Serren asked.
“Because,” Rezzolina sighed, “I’m not going to make the same mistake I did last time.”
Serren turned from her, “Yuki is not dead, and she’s coming back.”
“In six to nine months, she’s coming back,” Rezzolina explained, “assuming that she can come back.”
“What does that mean?” Serren narrowed his eyes on Rezzolina, “What did you do?”
“Nothing,” Rezzolina defended, “I swear.”
Serren looked her over, giving her a critical look.
“Listen, Serren,” Rezzolina guided him to the couch, sitting down with him, “I want you to live with me.”
“Live with you?” Serren exclaimed, “Why?”
“One, so I can keep an eye on you,” Rezzolina explained, “and two, so that maybe, together, we can feel a little less lonely.”
Serren looked to his feet, his head drooping.
“Serren,” Rezzolina lifted his chin, “Listen, I wasn’t there for you when Allia was taken from you. I was angrier at her than I was worried for you, and I failed you there. I thought you’d be fine, and when I heard about what you did when your despair swallowed you up?” Rezzolina hugged Serren tightly. “I’m not letting that happen to you again.”
Serren hugged back, “but I have a life back in Cairro.”
“Do you?” Rezzolina pulled back, “Listen, I may not like Yuki, but you love her. I have my own personal biases with Dei angels, and if you ask me? She’s not coming back.”
Serren’s face fell, and tears filled his eyes and ran down his cheeks.
“But I could be wrong!” Rezzolina tried to salvage the situation, “you know I never look on the bright side of things!”
Serren gave Rezzolina a nod.
“So, why not just… quit your job in Cairro, and live with me, at least until Yuki comes back,” Rezzolina offered.
“I can’t just quit,” Serren shook his head.
“Sure you can!” Rezzolina smiled, “why not quit, and go school here? You always talked about being more than a nurse. Why not get some more training, and then you can go back to that hospital as a surgeon's aid, or maybe even keep at your training and be a doctor?”
Serren considered this for a moment, “I have… been saying I would do that sooner or later.”
“There’s no better medical school than in Metro Prime, Serren,” Rezzolina smiled to Serren.
Serren laughed, “I guess so,” he sighed, “you sure you won’t mind me living here?”
Rezzolina laughed, getting up and heading to her kitchen, “are you kidding? I’m all alone here! Having my little brother here will be a great thing to come home to!” Rezzolina announced as she grabbed a bottle of wine.
“Oh?” Serren grinned, “you just want someone to clean up after you.”
Rezzolina laughed, walking towards Serren with a pair of wine glasses, “like I can’t keep a clean house on my own.”
Serren chuckled as Rezzolina handed him a glass of wine, filling it well past the halfway mark.
Rezzolina overfilled her own glass, and lifted it to Serren, “to the future, where our family is closer.”
Serren smiled to Rezzolina, “and to Yuki’s safe return.”
Rezzolina sighed, “and to Yuki’s return.”
The pair clinked their glasses and drank.
Classical music plays as well dressed ushers in black and white tuxedos escort individuals from the door into a large church.
Sorjoy and Cleo walked through the doors, as Sorjoy walked through his face a confident smirk.
Cleo did her best to hide her smug smile, keeping her stoic expression as she walked alongside Sorjoy.
The pair reached a male angel with violet wings at a small podium, “Name please?”
“Erik Sorjoy, my date, Cleopatra Cassandra Walters,” Sorjoy introduced.
The man at the podium’s eyes went wide as he looked over Cleo, “I, see… well… welcome. Groom or Bride?”
“Groom,” Sorjoy stated.
He gave a nod, “please sit in the pews to the right.”
Sorjoy returned the nod, “where’s the groom now?” Sorjoy questioned.
“Likely in the dressing room sir,” the usher answered.
“Good,” Sorjoy turned to Cleo, “Cleo, I have some congratulations to give to Mr. Hoffman personally. I assume you can find our seats?”
“Yes, Erik,” Cleo smiled confidently.
Sorjoy gave a nod and headed off through the church heading towards a small room at the back of the church.
Cleo turned to the usher, “where is the bride’s dressing room?”
The usher lifted an eyebrow, “you’re the first to ask… I can’t really…”
Cleo leaned forward, her cleavage pushing upwards as her voice dropped slightly, her manicured fingers moving over the usher’s hand, “I’d really like to see the bride… before she’s ready… in her dressing room… please?” Cleo purred.
The usher swallowed hard and nodded, pointing to a staircase behind him, “u-upstairs, second door on the right.”
Cleo smiled, lifting the man’s hand to hers, and turning his palm over. She kissed his palm softly, eliciting a shiver from the usher, “thanks, sweetie.”
The usher stammered as Cleo walked past him and towards the stairs, undoing a velvet rope and making her way up the spiral staircase.
As Cleo made her way through the hallway she spotted Mimi in a very lovely form-fitting black dress which hugged her bust tightly while displaying her bust prominently. Mimi’s soft blue wings were half spread proudly from the backless dress. The dress continued down her curvy body and stopped at her upper thigh on one side, but ended on her ankle on the other, giving a stunning effect. She stood on her stylish heels, as beautiful as always.
“Mimi,” Cleo said, her smug smile vanishing.
Mimi fixed Cleo with a bemused expression, “It’s poor taste to show up the bride, Cleo,” she placed the pearl end of her obsidian cigarette holder to her full lips and took a deep inhale, as she appraised Cleo slowly. She let a gentle plume of smoke out towards Cleo.
Cleo coughed, waving the smoke away from her face, “Uh, listen, sorry I didn’t tell you I was comin-” Mimi cut Cleo off quickly.
Mimi fixed Cleo with a grin, “no worries, darling. Your boss already paid, so Jasmin gets her cut, but I made sure you got yours too.”
“Mimi I’m not one of your girls anymore, you don’t have to-” Cleo was cut off once more.
“This has nothing to do with our previous agreement, which, I may point out, has yet to bear fruit,” Mimi narrowed her eyes on Cleo.
Cleo narrowed her eyes back, “I told you, you’ll get what you want.”
“Oh, Darling,” Mimi grinned a beautiful, yet predatory smile, “I always get what I want.”
Cleo frowned, unsure how to read Mimi at this moment.
“Teryn is inside, she’ll be happy to see you, and she’s likely not one to care that you’re showing her up,” Mimi smiled, “see you at the ceremony.”
Cleo frowned, “If you see Sorjoy, please-”
“Oh, please, Cleo!” Mimi snapped, “I’m not stupid. I know what to do,” Mimi’s stern gaze locked onto Cleo’s eyes as she descended the spiral staircase.
Cleo heaved a sigh and moved to the dressing room, giving a knock.
Teyrn’s voice chirped from behind the door, “Come in!”
Cleo opened the door, smiling, “hey.”
Teyrn sat in front of a small vanity, reapplying her lipstick one final time. A bright and bold red. She wore a massive dress, white from head to toe, her bust only hidden by a sheer window of sorts which was etched into her otherwise solid white dress.
A bronze hair clip held a veil with diamonds studded throughout it, it was flipped back at the moment. Her long red hair was curled into coils, her red wings shimmering and covered in glitter.
Teryn turned, her eyes going wide, “Pat?!” she shouted, “you made it!”
Cleo had no defense as the buxom red-winged angel leaped up from her seat in front of the vanity and wrapped both her arms around Cleo, Cleo’s face now pressed into Teryn’s expansive cleavage as she was hugged tightly against Teryn’s bust.
“Oh, my Guardian I thought you weren’t going to come!” Teryn exclaimed, her eyes wet.
“Hey!” Cleo gasped, looking up to Teryn, “Don’t get teary-eyed! You’ll ruin your make-up!”
Teryn laughed, “Oh, it’s streak-free, trust me,” she grinned, wiping a tear away delicately. “I thought you weren’t coming!”
“Yeah, well, my boss pissed me off,” Cleo explained.
Teryn grinned, “Is that why you look like a million Lumes?”
Cleo blushed and nodded.
Teryn snickered, “if I wasn’t getting married right now, even I’d want a piece of you,” Teryn gave Cleo a wink.
Cleo’s blush deepened, “I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ and ‘congratulations’ and…” Cleo pursed her lips, “and goodbye.”
Teryn frowned, “yeah… no longer being roomies is going to suck.”
“And I doubt I can show my face around Hoffman’s without Sorjoy so…” Cleo trailed off.
Teryn crossed her arms under her sizable bust, “Excuse me, but if you think that Albert is going to keep me locked up in the house like a caged bird, he has another thing coming!” she grinned. “I have to go to salons, and get my nails done, and ‘keep myself beautiful’. You know what that means?”
Cleo scoffed, “No, what?”
“Girl time!” Teryn winked, “I’m sure you need to go to the salon too! So on your days off, you and I are going to hang out! And, of course, Daddy Albert will be paying for us,” she winked.
“Won’t he be suspicious you’re spending twice as much?” Cleo grinned.
“Like I’ll have a spending limit!” Teryn laughed, stepping back from Cleo.
“Good point,” Cleo looked Teryn over, brushing some of Teryn’s glitter off of her, “Really, Teryn? Even at your wedding?”
Teryn beamed, “The theme was White and Glitter!”
“Glitter isn’t-” Cleo was cut off by Teryn who fixed her with a stern gaze.
“Pat,” Teryn mock said, “Glitter is absolutely a color!” Teryn laughed.
Cleo laughed and hugged Teryn again, “just don’t notice me when you walk down the aisle, okay?”
“Okay!” Teryn grinned, “and I’ll call you for our first Girls Only Spa Day!”
“I’d like that,” Cleo smiled, “I should get down there before my boss figures out I’m missing.”
“Get going,” Teryn winked again, “heart breaker!”
Cleo smiled at Teryn as she headed out of the dressing room and back down towards the spiral staircase.
Cleo headed into the main chamber of the large church and spotted Sorjoy sitting in a pew. She settled next to him, her eyes straight forward, though she could feel Sorjoy’s eyes all over her body.
“Where were you?” Sorjoy asked.
“I had to powder my nose,” Cleo lied, “how is Mr. Hoffman?”
“Braggadocious,” Sorjoy heaved a heavy sigh, clearly agitated.
“Oh?” Cleo asked, “jealous of him?”
“Partially,” Sorjoy said as the lights flickered like a single for everyone to take their seats. “I’m reminded I don’t have anyone.”
Cleo gave a nod, her eyes still ahead, “Erik, I want to remind you-”
“I know, not a date, you’re here professionally,” Sorjoy said. “Though, you’re dressed-”
“I hope I meet your standards for this affair,” Cleo said softly as the music began to play.
Sorjoy cracked a half-smile, “I suppose the saying is true, there’s nothing more dangerous than a wrathful woman.”
The music swelled as Mr. Hoffman and a single groomsman stood up at the right of the altar.
After a few moments, the keys changed and Teryn began to walk down the aisle. She walked alone, but regardless, everyone rose to their feet.
Despite being warned, Teryn couldn’t help but look to Cleo and smile as she walked by.
Cleo felt her stomach sink as Teryn passed her, soon taking her place by the altar.
As Teryn got to the altar the guests sat down once more.
Sorjoy leaned over to Cleo.
Time froze, for Cleo and she was not sure what was about to happen. Whether Sorjoy had figured out the relationship between her and Teryn and Mimi or not.
“I think the bride is agitated that you showed her up at her wedding,” Sorjoy’s voice whispered into Cleo’s ear.
Cleo relaxed slightly, “I’d blame you, sir.”
Sorjoy leaned back, sighing softly, he grumbled under his breath, “and now the most agitating portion of the day.”
Cleo nodded, doing her best to adjust herself as she sat on the seat of the pew.
As Cleo watched the ceremony, she wondered if she would ever find herself in such a position as Teryn did. She glanced at Sorjoy briefly, and he returned her gaze.
Cleo turned from him, paying attention to the priest as he read vows and psalms.
Cleo was determined to make sure everyone was wrong. She was not jealous, she was not interested in Erik Sorjoy.
Shuttle Goodwill
Yuki floated towards the cockpit of the ship, she could feel trepidation from her crewmates, “What’s wrong?”
Issla sighed, “E-barrier in about five minutes.”
Briggett nodded, “I hate this part of the journey.”
“But passing out of the E-Barrier means we get to pass in,” Tarrabetha grinned to them, “and isn’t that just the nicest feeling?!” Tarrabetha encouraged.
Yuki frowned at Issla and Briggett, “how does it feel?”
“It’s like being alone,” Issla explained.
Yuki closed her eyes, feeling Serren, distantly, even now, “so… how do you prepare for it?” Yuki asked.
“Just grit your teeth and think about someone you care about back home,” Briggett turned to Yuki, “and then try and turn that feeling towards us so we don’t go insane.”
Yuki nodded, her eyes closed as she thought of Serren, and smiled softly, almost feeling him right there with her.
“Oh, Serren,” Yuki whispered.
Then, suddenly, as if his presence was snapped away, it was gone.
Yuki gasped, her eyes shooting open. She felt like she did on Dei before she fell. She felt her old concerns coming back, and now her mind raced as she tried to think of a way to get back to Serren.
“Oh, Serren,” Issla mocked, chuckling to Yuki uncharacteristically.
Yuki frowned, “It’s not funny. He’s my mate.”
Briggett sighed, “Issla, pull it back.”
“Whatever,” Issla snapped, “I hate, hate, hate passing e-barrier!” Issla growled, slipping from her seat and floating further back into the ship. “If anyone needs me,” Issla turned to them, glaring at the three, “just don’t need me,” Issla snapped as she turned away, “I’ll be taking inventory in the cargo bay.”
Yuki frowned, feeling contempt and anger from Issla.
Tarrabetha placed her hand on Yuki’s shoulder, her normally happy face morose, “I feel your loss. It’s okay, you’ll be reunited in a few months.”
Briggett nodded, “yeah. In the meantime, if you’re feeling overly stressed, you should sleep. Not good to keep up when you’re stressed out from Empathy deprivation.”
Yuki gave a nod to Briggett and floated towards her sleeping area.
Tarrabetha turned to Yuki with a mournful expression, “It’s okay, it’s just the first-day e-barrier jitters. They’ll pass. Just sleep, it’ll make you feel better.”
Yuki watched as Tarrabetha floated to her sleeping area and pulled a small divider between herself and the main cabin. Her heart broke when she heard Tarrabetha softly whimpering.
Yuki’s heart was aching as well, but she was far more used to this sensation of disconnect than the Niten Dragons were.
That’s when Yuki heard a loud crash from the cargo hold. She pushed herself through the hallway and past the bulkhead that was dividing the living quarters and the cargo hold.
There Issla had a large container she was striking with her claws.
Yuki could feel Issla’s anger surging through her, but did her best to push past it, floating towards Issla. “Hey, what did that thing ever do to you?” Yuki tried to joke.
“Shut up angel girl!” Issla snapped, glaring at Yuki.
Yuki, once again, felt fear grip her as Issla’s reptilian eyes locked on hers.
Issla’s entire body was in an aggressive stance. Her wings were flared out, her tail was stiff and her claws, even her toe claws, were flexing as her lip lifted in a snarl, showing her sharp predatory teeth.
Yuki steeled herself, “Issla, listen, I get it.”
“Do you?!” Issla roared, “I can’t feel anyone!” Issla shouted.
Yuki floated to the bulkhead and closed the door tightly.
“Why did you do that?” Issla glared.
Yuki sighed, “Tarrabetha is trying to sleep,” Yuki said, “and you are loud.”
Issla’s snarl went down slightly, “Sorry.”
“You know,” Yuki began, pushing herself towards Issla using multiple hand-holds throughout the cargo bay, “I can’t feel my mate anymore,” Yuki lamented, “it feels awful.”
Issla hugged herself, turning from Yuki, anger still on her face.
“Who do you miss?” Yuki asked.
“My sister,” Issla said, “and her mate. We live together, one big happy family,” Issla growled, “it’s annoying, but the love I feel for her makes me feel better about being there. When I’m here? I think about how it sucks living with them, helping her care for my niece.”
“Why do they need your help?” Yuki asked.
“Hunting accident,” Issla sighed, “her mate is disabled and so is she. They can’t fly, can barely walk, so it’s up to ‘Auntie Issla’ to get them everything they need.”
Yuki smiled, “you hate yourself for feeling that way, don’t you?”
Issla turned to Yuki, narrowing her eyes on her, “what?”
“I know the feeling,” Yuki forced a weak smile, “when my father was dying? His heart was failing and he kept getting weaker. He needed my help more and more and…” Yuki sighed, “I hated it.”
Issla’s gaze softened.
“It’s natural to feel resentment having to care for someone day in and day out, it’s not something that you need to beat yourself up over,” Yuki smiled, “my father told me that.”
Issla grumbled, “It’s not their fault, I just… when I feel their gratitude and love it’s just… muffled.”
Yuki laughed, “yeah, love does that, right?”
“I guess,” Issla sighed, “how are you handling this so well?”
Yuki’s smile finally left her, “Well, I’ve felt this before.”
“When you left Dei?” Issla asked.
Yuki shook her head, “No, it was long before that.”
“Well, when was it?” Issla pressed further.
“We don’t feel each other on Dei like you do on Nite,” Yuki began, “but we do love. We do feel emotion. Emotion from ourselves for others.”
“So you lost a connection with someone else?” Issla asked.
Yuki nodded, “yes, my… my first mate,” Yuki smiled wistfully.
“What happened? Did he die?” Issla queried, now her attention rapt on Yuki’s story.
“No,” Yuki shook her head, “but my feelings for him did. One day, just… as he left for work I said ‘I love you,’ and he said ‘I love you too’, but there was nothing to it. It was mechanical, practiced, rehearsed, and… well… empty.”
Issla gave an understanding nod.
“I remember our first ‘Goodbye’ and ‘I love you,’” Yuki smiled, her eyes leaking. “My first mission, he came to see me off. And, well… my son was just a baby,” Yuki was forced to dab the tears from her eyes as they collected around her eyes in zero gravity.
“How old was he?” Issla asked.
“Just 5 or 6,” Yuki smiled, “and Aphod… he was beside himself, trying to hold back tears while I did the same. I remember holding him tightly and the two of us kissing as we’d never see each other again when in reality it was only going to be six months.”
“That is a long time,” Issla pointed out.
Yuki gave a nod, “I remember when that kiss broke and he said ‘I love you,’ it made my heart leap out of my chest. I was a mess as I had to get into the launcher. Even when I strapped in I looked to the window and I gave a wave, hoping they’d see me. Of course, that got a laugh from my crewmate, Jax. He told me no one could see me outside of the launch crew and asked me who I was waving at.”
Issla’s anger had subsided now, as her tail swished back and forth in the air curiously.
“My husband and son were cleared from the area and I was shot off on my first mining mission,” Yuki frowned, “but that day, I’ll always remember. That hollow moment inside me when ‘I love you’ didn’t mean anything from him anymore.”
Issla frowned, “do you think he felt the same?”
“I don’t know,” Yuki looked towards the crew section of the ship, “I guess I’ll find out soon enough.”
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2020.10.26 03:41 cdbrightt Series - PRIMORDIAL PART 1


I’ve been afraid of the ocean since I was a child. My mother and father would take my siblings and I to the beaches on the Delaware coast. Where the water is Brackish and Murky, hiding what lurks below. I ran into the waves with reckless abandon, I loved jumping over the waves and swimming along the coast. I felt a sharp cutting pain in my foot about 8 feet into the waves. I ran back to the shore, my foot felt heavy and stung from the sea water racing across it. Once my foot emerged from beneath the surface, I saw what I could only describe at the time as an alien fossil. A stone that lives. It terrified me. The ocean is truly a nightmarish place. A primordial hell hole that hides unimaginable sub-aquatic horrors the likes of which have existed for millions of years. It is in the bowls of this overwhelming beast I had found myself during one long and unpleasant vacation.
I had won a “luxury vacation” through my company’s annual lottery and with the encouragement from my therapist, I decided to face my fear. It was a trip across the Atlantic to Dublin with, (thank god), a flight back. Single room on a ship, meals included. Needless to say, the cost of the food was not near the top of my priority list on this trip. As the days drew closer to my departure date,my dreams were plagued with the thoughts of thousands of people being crammed together on a floating metal deathtrap. I had a dream the night before the departure that left a singular impression.
I was in a hallway with a red carpet. Teardrop shaped light bulbs strewn the sides of a hall which seemed to continue on endlessly. The lights began to flicker, water rushed toward me from down the hallway until it stopped just inches from my face. Sweat dropped from my forehead onto the floor, my body shaking uncontrollably. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned to see a man with a smile. A piercing, slimy, frothy, unhinged smile that consumed nearly all of his face. His eyes small, his nose nonexistent. I feel the wall of water behind me hit me and I awake. Sweaty and crying. I couldn’t hold it back.
As I made my way to the dock where my descent into hell would begin I felt unease, anxious. The dream from the night before still lingering in my mind. The breeze of the sea subtly sliced my face. Where most find comfort in this breeze, I found only a warning. Turn back, listen to your instincts, listen to that wrenching feeling in your innards. You know you do not belong here, return home and do not return. I pushed through, my pride and encouragement blinded me to these forewarnings.
I approached the ship and to my dismay, it was not what one would call LUXURIOUS. More like Dilapidated and depleted. It was a passenger-cargo ship. Stacks of steel containers towered on the deck, the scent of cigarette smoke and sea air swirled together concocting a pungent vomit inducing odor that made me want to heave before I even stepped foot on the ship’s deck.
As I made my way up the ramp to the deck, I was in doubt that this was the appropriate vessel, I pulled aside a crewman and he assured me that this vessel was in fact heading to Dublin and that they were taking passengers like myself. That statement intrigued me and I asked what “like myself” meant and he replied with a sharp chuckle and minor utterances under his breath. He turned away and continued working, paying me no further attention.
At this point I wanted nothing more than to get into my room and forget where I was, but fate would not be on my side. As I made my way to the door heading into the interior of the ship, the captain intercepted me. He was a young man, pale as a piece of paper, probably in his mid twenties, clean shaven. He reminded me of one of those bothersome missionaries that go door to door trying to speak to you about a religion you have no interest in.
As he opened his mouth to speak, I felt a twinge on the back of my neck. His words slithered out of his smiling mouth, his tone was excessively polite. His smile thrust images of the man in my dream into my mind. He told me in a needlessly friendly tone that this was not the door to the passenger quarters and directed me to a door around the side that was meant for me. I quickly pardoned myself from his presence hastily and made my way toward the correct entrance. I could almost feel his smile lingering behind me as I made my way below deck.
The halls stunned me as I laid eyes on them. Red carpet, wooden walls with portraits littering both sides. Rooms evenly divided between both sides of the hallway. These halls were in my dream. My hands began to tremble, my thoughts whirled in my head like a typhoon. For an instant I was jostled aside as someone rudely pushed past my left shoulder, it snapped me out of my panic. A bulky brutish man, with obviously no manners to his name. He lumbered intently toward the last door on the left and shut it loudly. I can already tell this trip is going to be hell. I made my way to the second to last door on the right side of the hall. I stepped inside and flipped the light switch, no light came on.
At first, it appeared this room was out of order. As I turned to leave I thought I heard something.. A kind of rattling noise. I turned back to face the darkness of the room, my body became stiff, my brain couldn’t control my limbs anymore. Rattling noises rang from the shadows, growing louder and louder and louder until my body began to vibrate. A low hum then began to penetrate through the rattling, my ears felt like they were going to explode. I heard a foreign voice enter into my head, not through my ears, but through my forehead. Almost as if the rattling noises were drilling this voice into my skull through my brow. I couldn’t understand where one word ended and another began. It was a stream of language rushing into me. A hand touched my shoulder and pulled me violently back into the hallway. My head hit the floor and my vision went dark. My mind went blank.

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2020.10.26 03:35 drpeppershaker Python - I wrote a script that will randomly generate a year and return the top 10 movies of that year from Rotten Tomatoes. -- This is my first time using Python and using functions. Need some HELP to make my code more streamlined and less "dumb"

Basic info: We do a weekly 'random movie night' at my house where we pick a random year and watch one of the top movies of that year. I wanted a script that could do the "hard" work of randomly generating a year, and finding the movies on either imdb or RT. My eventual goal is to integrate this code into a raspberry pi zero w and with a single button press run the code and display the result.
I had a crummy BASH version of this script that I posted a few days ago, and it didn't get a lot of attention. But the one kind person who was able to help me out mentioned that Python would be a far better language for this task. I'm stuck in quarantine until Monday, so I gave it a shot.
I'm sure it's a bit horrogore because I've literally never done any python scripting or really any real scripting in my life. Also first time ever using functions! Any tips or pointers would be super helpful.
The code uses BeautifulSoup to scrape RT and then Pandas does a decent job of making it presentable.
I feel like I'm importing a lot of stuff for such a simple script I really do wonder if there's a better way to handle the task.
Any way, Here's the code:
from random import randrange from time import sleep import datetime year = #gets the current year in order to set the top range of our random number import requests import lxml import pandas as pd from os import name, system from bs4 import BeautifulSoup # I personally like running this with a cleared terminal window, but that's just me def clearScreen(): # for windows os if name == 'nt': _ = system('cls') # for mac and linux os(The name is posix) else: _ = system('clear') # This creates an "animated" random number, but also saves the random number def randPrint(): print('\n\n') clearScreen() for x in range (100): # pylint:disable=unused-variable randNum = randrange(1939, year) print (" --------------------", end="") print(" Random Year: ", randNum, "", end="") print (" --------------------", "\r", end="") sleep(.02) print ('\n') return randNum # basic(?) yes/no input. Feels clunky? def userInput(question): YesNo = input(question).lower() yes = set(['yes','y', 'ye', '']) no = set(['no','n']) if YesNo in yes: return True elif YesNo in no: return False else: return userInput(question) # I named it ugly because it feels ugly. Shoutout to simplilearn on YT for helping me figure this one out def uglySoup(): randStr = str(randNum) baseURL = '' url = ''.join([baseURL, randStr]) source = requests.get(url).text soup = BeautifulSoup(source, 'lxml') data =[] allrows = soup.find_all("tr") header_list = ['Rank', 'Rating', 'Title', 'No of Reviews'] currentRow = 0 for row in allrows: row_list=row.find_all("td") dataRow = [] for cell in row_list: cleanCell = str.strip(cell.text) dataRow.append(cleanCell) data.append(dataRow) currentRow += 1 df = pd.DataFrame(data) df.columns = header_list df = df.mask(df.eq('None')).dropna() # drop all the empty/None rows df = df.drop(columns=['No of Reviews']) # drop that column because it adds clutter, & is unecessary maxRows = len(df) # This should give us the total number of rows so we don't try to print too many return df, startRow, maxRows def main(): global startRow # the row from which we want to start printing. This was more important before I dropped all the empty rows global randNum # this is our random number generated in the randPrint function. startRow = 0 endRow = startRow + 10 # I want to return 10 results at a time print('\n\n') # a few blank lines gives us space to see the top of our list if we have to scroll up clearScreen() # starting with a clear screen just because it looks nice randNum = randPrint() df, startRow, maxRows = uglySoup() print((df[startRow:endRow]).to_string(index=False)) while endRow < maxRows : if userInput('Add More Results? (YES/NO)') == True: startRow += 10 endRow += 10 print((df[startRow:endRow]).to_string(index=False, header=False)) else: print('\n') break else: endRow = maxRows print('\nEnd of List\n') if __name__ == "__main__": main() 
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2020.10.26 03:07 Illinibeatle There is No Pathway for Progressivism Within the Democratic Party

Earlier this evening I linked to two articles posted by The Hill within a short time of one another. The first was that Nancy Pelosi is once again committed to running to be Speaker of the House.
The second was floated by someone in the Senate leadership, and this was designed to lower expectations for any rewards to the progressive bloc for their acquiescence in coronating Joe Biden and possibly electing a Democratic majority.
Nancy Pelosi with the help of the DCCC has for decades aided Blue Dogs and even some former Republicans in their quest for House seats while doing absolutely nothing for progressive candidates. For every victory we get with a Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, Cori Bush, and Marie Newman who successfully oust complacent corrupt incumbents, dozens of corporatist Democrats are elected and become entrenched. This antipathy toward progressives became entrenched with the formal announcement of the blacklist against those who primary against incumbents which is enforced by DCCC head Cheri Bustos.
The Senate has signaled that there will be no pathway for progressivism in the Senate and progressives need to behave. Speaker Pelosi, decides which bills get out of committee and has her wishes enforced by the entire leadership team which is entirely composed of Blue Dogs and New Dem types. The DCCC lead by Cheri Bustos is continuing to stack the deck against progressives.
Does anyone think that Biden coming off an electoral blowout over Donald Trump is going to push for progressive policies? He will have won the Presidency without catering to a singe progressive demand. Nor will he offend his base of affluent suburban professionals nor his billionaire donors. There is absolutely not a single progressive being floated for a cabinet position. There is nothing in his record dating back to 1972 which suggests that he has a progressive bone in his body. Kamala Harris? Get real.
Even if perchance something of value does leak through, the GOP controlled Supreme Court strengthened with the addition of Amy Coney-Barrett will strike down any laws which will curtail the power of the American oligarchy.
Yay! Go Blue!
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2020.10.26 01:52 momo-official [Adam Driver Standom] Adam Driver Makes Fun of a Fan's Gift in the New Yorker

I quite enjoyed writing and receiving feedback on my Halsey post, so I thought I'd do another post about a different fandom. This time, we're delving into the extremely chaotic Adam Driver standom.
TL;DR: The Adam Driver fandom is split down the middle. Things came to a head when a fan from one side of the fandom gave Adam a wooden carving of his dog and he called them out in a New Yorker article months later. It turned out the person who made the wood carving is associated with fans who are convinced he is divorced from (or in the process of divorcing) his wife after Adam had an affair with Daisy Ridley. Wank ensued.
I'm going to start with the event and work backwards to the context. Let's start with the basics.

Basic Terminology: What is a Stan?

Eminem's song "Stan" describes a so-called "stalker fan," someone who is obsessed with an artist to the point of shaping their entire life around them. The term gained some prominence on Livejournal gossip blog "Oh No They Didn't" to describe superfans of artists, actors, and celebrities. Currently, a "stan" is anyone who posts exclusively or semi-exclusively about a famous person, group, or band, and a "standom" is a fandom made up of stans.
I've previously posted about Halsey stans; this post, however, is about Adam Driver stans.

Who is Adam Driver?

You most likely know 36-year-old Adam Driver from his work in the Star Wars franchise as the fearsome Kylo Ren, son of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. (WARNING: Article may contain spoilers.) What you may not know about Adam is his strange backstory, his marriage to his wife Joanne Tucker, and his rich filmography outside of Star Wars.
Born in California and raised in Indiana in a conservative family, Adam had dreams of leaving his small town of Mishawaka to become an actor. However, after 9/11, Adam, like many Americans, found himself swept up in the wave of patriotism that seized the USA, and he applied to become a Marine. He served for three years at Camp Pendelton, California as a mortarman and speaks fondly about his time in the Corps, as well as the friends he made. He was later honorably discharged for breaking his collarbone in a mountain biking accident and watched with guilt as his friends went on to fight in the ongoing War on Terror in the Middle East.
However, Adam was already reconsidering his career path during his service. A training exercise involving white phosphorous took a turn for the deadly, and he recalls:
I was like, ‘I’m going to smoke cigarettes and be an actor when I get out.’ Those were my two thoughts. I wanted to smoke cigarettes and be an actor.
After leaving the military, Adam, like many marines, had trouble adjusting to civilian life and puttered around the Midwest doing odd jobs. His second application to the acting school, Julliard, was accepted, and Adam dropped everything to move to New York City. During his education, he fell in love with acting and found its controlled release of emotions therapeutic. You can hear his TED talk about how acting helped him express himself and adjust to civilian life here.
He met his wife, Joanne, in his cohort. The two married in 2013 and went on to found Arts in the Armed Forces, or AITAF: a charity dedicated to bringing free, high-quality theater to military bases and to veterans's families.
Adam is famously shy and reclusive. He and his wife successfully hid the fact that they had a son for two years. While he isn't rude to fans, coworkers, or industry professionals, Adam is defensive of his personal space and reacts poorly to being candidly photographed in public.
He does not have social media, giving fans very little opportunity to speak or interact with him. If you want to say hi to him at all, you either have to wait for a charity auction, camp out for a red carpet, or attend an AITAF event and hope that he's there in-person. So when Adam announced a Broadway run in 2019, fans were thrilled at the opportunity to finally meet their idol.

March-July 2019: "Burn This"

Burn This is a somewhat obscure play by playwright Lanford Wilson. A Broadway revival was performed in 2019 with Keri Russel as the main character, Anna, and Adam as her love interest, Pale. The two begin a hasty love affair when Robbie, Pale's brother and Anna's roommate, dies suddenly in a boating accident and Pale comes by to collect Robbie's belongings. Robbie was gay, and the play takes place during the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s.
The play isn't done often, partially because Pale is a challenging role: a fast-talking cokehead from New Jersey with violent mood swings. Pale is openly homophobic, yet spends the play trying to figure out how to mourn his brother. It takes skill to capture the subtlety in Wilson's writing and not downgrade Pale to a violent brute with no emotion. Adam originally played Pale during his tenure at Julliard and took on the role again for the Broadway revival. The play did so well that it was nominated for a Tony for Best Revival, and Adam was nominated for Best Actor in a Stage Play.

The "Burn This" Stage Door

It's common among theater fans to wait at the stage door to greet the actors, get their programs signed, and even (if they're lucky) chat with their idols for a bit. Occasionally, the crowd is sparse, but stage doors for famous actors are usually heavily crowded, even mobbed. Security is often needed for the safety of the crowd and the performers. Tom Hiddleston, for example, had a huge crowd 5-6 people deep at its thinnest when I met him after Betrayal in 2019.
Adam was no exception: the Burn This stage door usually had a moderate crowd after every show, and so the Hudson Theater was outfitted with several security guards and barricades, including a personal bodyguard for Adam himself. Early videos of the stage door show a small crowd, but as the play wore on, security measures became more intense.
In spite of the crowd, the Burn This stage door was usually pleasant and calm. Adam exited the theater promptly after the show ended each night, and he was incredibly sweet and patient with fans outside of the stage door. Throughout almost all of spring, Adam patiently stopped to sign every single person's Playbill, shake hands, and say hi. On one memorable occasion, he carried his dog, Moose, from the stage door to his car before coming back to sign programs. Plenty of videos exist on Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Reddit of peaceful interactions.
From my own experience at the door, I can personally say he will slow down for fans and happily greet them if they are calm and polite.

June 2019: Someone Jumps The Stage

Stage door interactions slowed down around May. I was fortunate enough to meet Adam at the stage door, as were many friends who went around May 4th; others, however, waited for Adam, only to be told he was not coming. This sort of lag is normal, especially in the middle of a play run that's showing 8 performances a week: the actors are usually tired and want nothing more than to go home and get some sleep.
However, some fans were not satisfied. Some especially dedicated playgoers began staking out all entrance/exit points of the Hudson Theater. Sure enough, on days he didn't sign, Adam was leaving through the main entrance of the theater, accompanied by a small security detail. (Bear in mind that the main entrance =/= the stage door: the stage door was behind the theater and on an entirely separate street.)
A video was posted on Twitter in June 2019 of Adam leaving the main entrance of the Hudson Theater with his head down; in the background, you can hear a small crowd of people shouting after him. One woman gets right to the door of his car, but she is otherwise non-aggressive, and Adam gently turns her down before getting into the vehicle.
Reactions to this post were brief and basically amounted to, "Hey what the fuck OP," but this was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to weird, out-of-touch fan behavior.
Days later, a strange Twitter thread emerged, detailing a drunk woman who had to be kicked out of the Hudson and blocked from going near Adam at the stage door. Details of the thread were corroborated by others who were either at the same show or friends with OP. The story goes like this:
A woman got a little too tipsy on 17 dollar beers at the Hudson and sat through the entire show without incident. However, just after bows had ended and the actors had left, the woman stood up, made her way to the front of the stage, and climbed up. She then promptly made her way backstage, where she reportedly gave Keri Russel a huge fright before being escorted out by security. Once she was outside of the backstage area, the stage jumper persisted in trying to dodge security and get in front of Adam, insisting she was a "friend." Adam came out and signed as normal, not once paying attention to the screaming woman trying to dodge several security guards. Adam made his way home unscathed, and the stage jumper was never seen again.
But somehow, this was not the incident that made the news. At this point, you may be wondering why this was not the most memorable incident of the Burn This stage door. How could Adam or Keri not talk about the drunk woman who suddenly appeared backstage?
That's because the incident that did make the news has its roots deep in Adam Driver standom. Those roots dig into some very dark places.
We have arrived at the most famous incident at the Burn This stage door: the dog carving.

Summer 2019: The Dog Carving

In the summer, an Adam Driver stan by the username Missus-Misanthrope waited at the stage door with a special gift for Adam Driver: a wood carving of his beloved dog, Moose.
I have seen a picture of the (supposed) carving, but to maintain Missus-Misanthrope's privacy, I will not be posting a screenshot here. Essentially, it's a small, flat block of wood with Moose's smiling face woodburned into it. I am not a fan of Missus-Misanthrope (or her kin in our fandom) by any means, but it is extremely well-done.
When Adam made his way to her at the stage door, Missus-Misanthrope greeted him and handed him the carving. A GIF of this interaction is here.
At the beginning of the GIF, Adam is looking down, presumably at the wood carving. He nods at it and thanks Missus-Misanthrope with a smile. He turns hands it off to his security team. There is a long pause where he appears to be either waiting for his security team or examining the carving. Finally, he turns back to Missus-Misanthrope without making eye contact and continues signing Playbills. His expression is neutral.
Let me be abundantly clear: this exact GIF is impossible to find. This write-up took a while, partially because I was looking all over for the damn thing. It has been scrubbed from the Internet. The original Imgur post is set to "private." Accounts have been erased, posts have been either deleted or archived, and Twitters have been suspended, deactivated, or moved. It took over a week of me asking everyone I knew, combing individual Twitters by date, and abusing the Wayback Machine before someone eventually found it and sent it to me.
Missus-Misanthrope wanted this GIF gone from the Internet. This was the interaction Adam Driver remembered from his stage door. This interaction would become infamous months later, in October, when it came up during an interview.

October 2019: The New Yorker Article

During the Burn This run, author Michael Schumer interviewed Adam Driver for the New Yorker. The article was released in October 2019 and can be found here. I highly recommend it: it's a stunning interview, capturing a lot of the nuances of Adam's personality as he goes about his pre-show ritual.
However, this interview made waves because of Adam's off-hand comment about fan interactions at the stage door (emphasis mine):
On the couch was a piece of fan art he had received at the stage door. During “Girls,” strangers would often share details about their sex lives with him. (One guy stopped him in the subway and said, “I love that scene where you pee on her in the shower,” then turned to his girlfriend and said, fondly, “I pee on her all the time.”) But “Star Wars” has made him uncomfortably famous. “This one woman who has been harassing my wife came to the show and gave me a creepy wood carving that she made of my dog,” he said.
The stage jumper, the fans pursuing him at all doors into and out of the Hudson, seemed to fade away in comparison to this ten seconds of stage door history. Adam mentions the "creepy wood carving," and it is never touched upon again. But that one sentence sent stans into fits.
Some began gleefully sharing the original GIF of the interaction; others laughed at Missus-Misanthrope or showed her pity. Still more questioned whether or not it was appropriate to give Adam a portrait of his dog at all: even though Adam has featured Moose in photoshoots, stage door interactions, and even a news interview, opinions are mixed about how much fans are allowed to comment on his personal life. The wood carving of Moose seemed to toe that line in an uncomfortable way and ignited heated discussion on what behavior was "allowed" and "not allowed."
But there is a short passage just after Adam's comment about the wood carving that hints at the dark heart of this scandal:
He and Tucker have a young son, whose birth they kept hidden from the press for two years, in what Driver called “a military operation.” Last fall, after Tucker’s sister, who was launching a peacoat business, accidentally made her Instagram account public and someone noticed the back of his son’s head in one picture, the news wound up on Page Six.
Under what circumstances would Adam and Joanne have to hide a child for two years? Recall that Adam was not just scandalized by the wood carving (emphasis mine):
“This one woman who has been harassing my wife came to the show and gave me a creepy wood carving that she made of my dog."
No, something about Missus-Misanthrope herself had made him deeply uncomfortable. The wood carving wasn't the whole of the issue: it was something about how the fandom had treated his wife and the news of their child.
Here was where the real drama about this tiny wood carving lied.

Daiver Fandom and adamdriverfans

Missus-Misanthrope was part of a subreddit called "adamdriverfans." Not to be confused with the main Adam Driver subreddit, "adamdriver," adamdriverfans is incredibly small (only about 300 subscribers) and, on the surface, appears to be a normal subreddit about Adam and his work.
However, probe deeper, and adamdriverfans reveals its true nature. The subreddit is, in part, a haven for discussion between Daivers, or people that "ship" Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley and want them to be in a relationship. ("Ship" is short for "relationship.")
Daivers are not to be confused with "Reylos," Star Wars fans who want Adam and Daisy's respective characters, Kylo Ren and Rey, to date. Daivers go one step further and want the actors to be together. Any Daivers found on adamdriverfans are the most extreme iteration of this kind of 'shipper: they believe that Adam and Daisy had an affair, followed by a falling-out somewhere around The Force Awakens, and that Lucasfilm (and their respective publicists) have been keeping them separate. This line of thinking also posits that Joanne is an ice queen keeping Adam on a short leash.
This is not to say that all posters on adamdriverfans are Daivers; many want what's best for Adam and see it as their right to comment on Adam's personal life. But it's challenging to separate posts from true-blue Daivers, posts from those who think Adam and Daisy had an affair, and posts from users who simply hate Joanne Tucker. In my opinion, it's impossible to go near the subreddit unless you believe, on some level, that Joanne and Adam should separate, and that Daisy is a factor in that separation.
Multiple posts exist trashing Joanne Tucker and questioning whether or not the baby is Adam's. Someone doxxed Adam and Joanne and discovered multiple residences, fueling speculation on whether or not they were "secretly" divorced or otherwise separated. There is "evidence" that their marriage is a sham or otherwise a marriage of convenience.
Supporters of Joanne and Adam's marriage and critiques of the subreddit are considered "blind" mean girls ignoring the truth and looking for someone to bully. In reality, the fans on adamdriverfans are hostile towards non-members: One poster even called other women "creepy" for asking to shake Adam's hand at the stage door. Still another post implies that fans who don't believe the rumors are waiting for their chance to sleep with Adam.
For its part, the mods of adamdriverfans posit the subreddit as a place for healthy discussion. Other stans treat adamdriverfans as a joke, leading the mods to be mostly hostile to those questioning the constant dunking on Adam and his wife. Dissenters have even been speculated to be PR people deflecting any discussion of Joanne and Adam's relationship in the hopes of saving Burn This's ticket sales:
4Chan is full of PR people trying to shut down discussion by posting outrageous, disprovable claims in an effort to discredit all info about Joanne. You are a threat because you have a credible story.
This is why Burn This is selling slowly. There are tickets available for every single night and whole parts of the theatre are empty on some nights. Joanne is a PR disaster. They can’t even call on their friends and connections to help fill the seats
It's worthy of note that the Daiver and anti-Joanne communities extends into TikTok and other social media: for example, there is an entire Instagram account called "ihatejoannetucker" dedicated to posting personal photos and making fun of Joanne. Here, I focus on adamdriverfans because it was the main vehicle for Missus-Misanthrope to post her thoughts and feelings.

MissusMisanthrope's Backstory

Missus-Misanthrope had been recognized by Adam for a reason: she had already tried to pass a carving (speculated to be the very same dog carving given in 2019) to Adam via Joanne at an AITAF donor event in 2018.
Bear in mind that AITAF events are primarily for celebrating veterans and bringing accessible theater to them and their families. They are not fan events for Adam Driver. However, Missus-Misanthrope saw her opportunity to interact with Adam when she saw Joanne and a friend at the bar (bolding for emphasis by me):
I am an artist and had two gifts that I wanted to try to get to Adam. One was an anniversary plaque for AITAF, the other was a portrait of his dog. When I saw Joanne, I thought she would be the perfect person to help me accomplish this.
From the second I approached her, she made me feel like garbage. I was polite, I thanked her for her work with AITAF. When I said that I had gifts for Adam, she asked me if I was a veteran. When I said no, she narrowed her eyes at me and asked me "how did you get IN HERE?" as though she suspected that I had... snuck in?
"I donated money that was very hard to come by and purchased a ticket" I responded.
She chuckled smugly and said "oh... you're a DONOR. No. I can't help you."
I was taken aback... I was not sure that I heard her correctly. "You can't do anything? If I give them to you can you..."
Then she turned to the woman she was with and said "Lindsay, this... DONOR has PRESENTS for ADAM."
Then they both just... laughed? Like how could I EVER think that they would let me give my STUPID presents to ADAM.
Missus-Misanthrope continued describing feelings of hurt, dismissal, and betrayal.
I felt like they both viewed me like I was NOTHING.
I have never felt like such a freaking idiot in my life.
So... that was something. I almost cried. Went into the situation really admiring Joanne. Left the situation feeling really disillusioned and crappy and like I did something wrong. It sucked to look forward to that event so much and work hard to overcome anxiety to travel to NY alone and have some awful crap like that happen.
She implies that, had Adam not commented his gratitude towards donors later on in the event, she would not have felt appreciated or seen (emphasis mine):
Adam was very vocal about his appreciation of the donors to AITAF so at least I didn't feel like complete useless trash.
I hope she isn't treating a lot of donors like this. This could really make some people look at AITAF in a different light if she is the only person they interact with.
A later comment in the same thread underlines feelings of betrayal (emphasis mine):
I have played it over and over in my head and I literally didn't do anything wrong. I mean, even if I had, she is a grown woman... why was she laughing at me? I felt like I was in a freaking nightmare.
Her behavior was so ugly and childish. If she is doing this to people, they NEED to speak up. I don't know why anyone feels like they need to protect her if she is really treating people this way. This type of behavior coming from her can impact the reputation of Adam and AITAF.
I am going to be sending an official complaint to AITAF about my experience. It was just so, so not okay.
By the time Missus-Misanthrope attended the stage door in 2019, she had already publicly expressed dislike of Joanne and became a valued member of adamdriverfans. And Adam, whether through his wife or through other incidents at other AITAF events, knew full well who she was.

October 2019: Your Friendly Neighborhood Pariah

Fans elsewhere quickly identified the "creepy wood carving" girl as Missus-Misanthrope.
adamdriverfans, predictably, went absolutely apeshit.
The article was deemed to be "angry" and vengeful towards fans like Missus-Misanthrope for no reason. A poster deemed calling Missus-Misanthrope out in the article "classless." There was worry that Missus-Misanthrope was now in danger due to Adam's comment:
This fan has NOTHING. Who is going to protect her from the onslaught of Adam’s rabid fans and even the media who will likely try and track her down?
Other members of adamdriverfans said that Adam was well within his right to say something:
People are taking this way too personally. The fact is, there are a lot of Adam Driver "fans" out there who have been too creepy, taken things too far, and done gross stuff like deliberately scribble his wife out of photos they took together. Are those fans in the minority? Yeah, I'm positive of that.
But he has every right to his opinion and every right to express boundaries like any other person out there. I'm not even a huge fan of the dude and I get where he's coming from, regardless of how awkwardly he puts it.
He doesn't owe anybody anything. No one is entitled to him being 24/7 super nice and positive and not mentioning stuff like this.
Those who side with Missus-Misanthrope say that Adam was targeting Missus-Misanthrope on purpose:
My issue with the article was not that Adam expressed being creeped out by a fan/defending his wife. My issue is that he targeted someone specific. This fan had been having issues with AD and giving him this specific woodcarving for a YEAR now. I believe that this specific fan was mentioned on purpose. I don’t believe in coincidences.
But what about Missus-Misanthrope? Well...she didn't feel good, to put it lightly. In a statement to the subreddit entitled "Your Friendly Neighborhood Pariah," Missus-Misanthrope defended her behavior at the 2018 AITAF event:
I simply approached her in a common area of the theatre because I was advised by AITAF staff that I could talk to her about handing my gifts for AITAF and Adam off to someone who was able to help. Had I not been told that she was someone who could help me after the AITAF folks said that I should "definitely try to get the gifts to Adam" because "he will love them" I would not have even spoken to her.
All I was trying to do was give something to someone that I admire and to a foundation that I support. I wasn't trying to break up a marriage or be manipulative. I was following advice from people who work for AITAF and it ended up turning into a very unpleasant situation.
Regarding the stage door interaction, Missus-Misanthrope felt attacked and exhausted:
Less than 24 hours later, I was being attacked and insulted for basically just existing in the same place as Adam. I now just wish I had never gone.
This fandom makes me sad and a little bit sick. I am going to just continue existing as I have been in the past. I am just doing my best. If people hate me, I doubt that I can change that. I have no control over what anyone does but my own self. So I am just going to focus on being a decent person and treating others with kindness.
The mods on adamdriverfans followed up with a post on Missus-Misanthrope:
Here at this sub we have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing MissusMisanthrope and we have seen firsthand how brave she has been in the face of so much bullying and harassment – all because she had spoken about incident with Joanne Tucker and for daring to give Adam Driver a gift. What happened yesterday though is on an entirely different level altogether. What has happened to MissusMisanthrope feels like a horror story of the worst possible outcome of being a fan of a celebrity:
Bullied by the celebrity’s wife and staff.
Bullied and doxed by fans of the celebrity.
Finally, being bullied by the celebrity himself.
But curiously, according to adamdriverfans, Adam had pointed out the wrong fan:
The absolutely tragedy of this situation is (and I can not state this enough) is that he singled out the wrong person. Again, HE SINGLED OUT THE WRONG PERSON. There is another person who actively harassed JT and her family on social media (the infamous StalkerChan) but, let’s be absolutely clear about this, that wasn’t MissusMisanthrope.
This meant that there was a mysterious other fan behaving inappropriately, and that Adam had mistaken Missus-Misanthrope for the other fan.
Regardless of the error, the dice had been cast, and the votes were in: Adam Driver hated his fans, and Missus-Misanthrope was, indeed, a fandom pariah.

Aftermath: Exodus, Post Purging, and the Downward Spiral to Doucheville

I want to emphasize how challenging it was to dig up receipts for this post. That's because, shortly after the article broke, Missus-Misanthrope deleted all of her social media, and adamdriverfans began deleting older posts. When I began compiling evidence in September 2020, many old posts, tweets, etc. were completely gone. The GIF of the infamous stage door interaction had been almost completely wiped from the Internet: the original post on Imgur is private.
Shortly after the New Yorker article, Adam opened an Omaze charity campaign: By donating money to AITAF, you would be entered into a raffle to attend The Rise of Skywalker premiere with him.
However, Adam had previously voiced his distaste for peddling his autograph for money:
I don’t want to start getting into favors. It’s not about me and Star Wars. It’s about the people that we’re trying to serve and if you don’t get that then I’d rather not be associated with your money.
As a result, this Omaze campaign was met with negative reactions from those who sided with Missus-Misanthrope, with the general opinion that Adam was now a "sellout," a slave to his wife's desires to "save" AITAF from bad press. Many questioned if the Omaze campaign was an effort to repair relationships with fans after the Missus-Misanthrope scandal. Others questioned whether Adam was on a downward spiral in general, linking his "sellout" behavior to his weight loss and (supposed) fighting with Joanne.
Either way, one comment seemed to sum up the drama nicely:
It seems he is on a downward spiral to Doucheville.
Many announced that they were leaving the fandom after the Omaze campaign and after the New Yorker article. However, given the proximity to the mass exodus from the Star Wars fandom after The Rise of Skywalker hit theaters in December, it is unclear how much of the Adam standom exodus is Star Wars related and how much is Missus-Misanthrope related.
Regardless of the opinions of those on adamdriverfans, the Omaze campaign was a success. A veteran (coincidentally named Joanna) won and met Adam. A fan-run campaign started after The Rise of Skywalker raised a whopping 90,000 dollars for AITAF, funding their 2020 fiscal year and landing a personal thank-you from Adam himself. Needless to say, bad press from Missus-Misanthrope's interactions with Adam and Joanne did not stick.
It is unknown whether or not Adam will do another Broadway run in the future.
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2020.10.26 00:57 Fearadhach [OC] A Courtyard of Color (PERVerse 12.5)

(Prev) (Wiki)
Enibal loved the human’s ‘historical days’ and felt a certain pride in coming up with the name. A lot of Humans, and some Venter, persisted in calling them ‘fighter practice’ as they had the first few weeks. They’d found that many races didn’t want to participate in something that sounded so combat oriented, however, so they changed the name and pushed the fighting to the far back of the human’s large courtyard.
He looked out over the banners, flags, carved poles, and other colorful displays beneath which most of the Council’s species of sentients milled about trying food, examining crafts, playing ancient games from various cultures, and dressed in styles he had never imagined. The courtyard had transformed into a panoply of color, motion, and sound.
Eldia, standing there holding onto his arm, looked out over the scene with delight. She stepped over to the table of a Gorfal – one of their embassies junior attachés if he wasn’t mistaken – who had several colored plates set out in front of him with some sort of purple pastry. The things smelled delightfully sweet. His Aunt went to take one, and the Gorfal’s eyes widened in alarm as he moved a furred, white paw to intercept her hand.
She drew back with a shocked look on her face, and he could tell she was mortified at having – she thought – offended the man. He smiled at her and lifted one of the other plates – the one that was color-coded to be safe for Venter – and offered it to her. She looked at the plate, looked at the man, covered her hand and giggled. “My apologies and my thanks! I haven’t been here long, and am still trying to get used to the color-coding.” She grabbed one and popped it in her mouth, and her eyes closed with pleasure. “My thanks again, good sir. These are wonderful!”
The Gorfal answered with a tight-lipped smile. “They are called pontos: a traditional sweet from my province on Ootalan.”
Enibal listened with half an ear to the conversation between the man and her aunt while surreptitiously studying Vashna. She was studying everything in with a critical eye, and something told him that he could quiz her later about what she saw and she’d be able to diagram the exact lay-out of the field and every person’s placement in it. He got the feeling she was enjoying herself, nonetheless, so he just let it go.
They continued on, checking out the various ‘traditional’ crafts and games that so many races had come to display. He saw Yoro working her way between the booths, doing her semi-official job in getting the various people to talk to one another and share things about their display – and their worlds in the process. He caught her eye and she came over with a bright smile and her hand extended.
She shook hands with his Aunt as he made introductions. “Lady Yoro Sela Feldarin, it pleases me to present my Aunt, Goodwoman Eldia Jorrinso Pensar. Aunt Eldia, please meat Lady Yoro Sela Feldarin, wife to Duke Kazlor. Also, m’Lady, please allow me to introduce my Aunt’s protégé, Vashna.”
Lady Yoro shook his Aunt’s hand with a bright smile, then shook Vashna’s hand with an odd look, but still a bright smile, before she turned back to his Aunt. “I am so excited to meet you; Enibal told me so much when I was helping him with the paperwork to get you here. I also read through most of your articles. Riveting stuff, and you write so well – sometimes I almost felt I had been there, or met those people. I look forward to working with you here.”
His aunt gave an appreciative nod, and tried to hide her blushing hands. “High praise indeed, m’Lady. Thank you. I have been looking forward to meeting you, your fellow wives, and your husband. I was hoping that the four of you would be my first ‘personality’ pieces, once I finish with a few ‘Place and Time’ pieces about the Embassy Complex.”
Yoro brought her hands together in a delighted clap, “Oh, that would be lovely! We will have to set up a series of interviews together and separately. I so look forward to it.
“I do hope you will do something, at some point, on our historical cultural exchange days.” She began to walk over towards another section of the courtyard. “If you enjoy games, there are a number of interesting primitive games being shared by many of our galactic neighbors. I’d be happy to introduce you to a few I would like to try!”
Eldia smiled and bowed her head appreciatively, “If it is not to bold of me to demur on the offer to a later date? I was really hoping to take a chance to put on that armor and try out this combat I keep hearing about.”
Yoro gave a delighted laugh and tapped Eldia on the shoulder while looking her up and down. “Oh, of course, how silly of me! I should have realized you were dressed for the fighting, and shouldn’t be surprised based on how vivacious Enibal kept telling me you are. Come, I simply must introduce you to my husband and our wife Golan. I think they are going to just *adore* you.”
She turned to walk towards the back of the courtyard, and threw an amused look over her shoulder, “Vashna, is it? I will be pleased to introduce you to them, as well. I am sure they will think well of a young woman wise enough to be willing to learn from this kind woman.”
Vashna smiled and nodded as they all turned to go towards the fighting area. Out of the corner of his eye he just caught Vashna roll her eyes slightly, though an amused grin also appeared on her face. Why does that girl seem so familiar?
When they got to the back of the courtyard they found a number of men and women from several species – all of them from worlds which rated close to ‘deathworld’ status – donning, or already wearing – a staggering array of primitive armor made of everything from bone, to wood, to plastics, to leather or metal… as well as some things Enibal found he couldn’t readily identify. He estimated that they had nearly sixty people ready to fight.
A loud whacking noise came from one side, where he found several padded posts had been set up to one side and people were striking them with the tape-wrapped ‘swords’ used for the fighting. He looked back towards the main group to find Henry, Kazlor, and Golna – all already armored and sweating as if they had put some combat in – striding toward them with large smiles.
Kazlor took them in with a glance. He seemed to find something in the glance terribly amusing, but Enibal had found little in the universe that his new friend didn’t seem to find amusing on some level. The Duke spoke first as they approached. “Ahhh, my good Ambassador! And, who is this charming beauty you bring with you? Is this the fabled Aunt that you have kept hidden away since she arrived?”
Kazlor stepped to his wife and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, but kept his eyes on Eldia. He took her hand and, with a grand gesture, bent at the waist and kissed it. He rose to lock eyes with her, “I see Enibal has brought us great grace and beauty to aid us on our quest to further the Empire! I would ask you for the honor of fighting for you this fine day, but I judge from your attire – and the reports of how untamed a woman you are – that you are here to put the armor on yourself!”
His Aunt’s hands had blushed slightly at the attention from The Duke, but she threw her head back and laughed at his pronouncement, then spoke with mischief in her eyes, “The Duke is as perceptive as he is skilled at flattery, I see! I heard about this exchange you were having with the humans – and several others now it seems – and I just *had* to try it! So, I understand there is armor here I can borrow?”
“Of course, dear woman! We will have you outfitted with it forthwith! But, where are my manners? Please, allow me to introduce my wife, Lady Golna Relor Feldarin, and the esteemed Human Ambassador Henry Thomasin Archer.”
Lady Golna approached with a wide, amused smile and they shook hands, then Henry took Eldia’s hand and made a grand show of kissing it that seemed intended to give the Duke’s performance a run for his money.
Enibal held his breath as he watched his bondbrother. This is a critical moment. His aunt’s hands blushed slightly, again, and she had a delighted look in her eyes. Henry caught the blush in her hands, then looked at her and gave her a wink. She responded with a broad smile and a look of amusement that the Human had learned Venter tell-tales. Enibal let out his breath slowly, trying not to be obvious, glad that the first hurdle had passed.
Enibal then remembered Vashna, who seemed to be standing there quietly trying to fade into the background. “Henry, Your Graces, please allow me to also introduce my Aunt’s protégé, Vashna.”
The Duke turned to the young woman with a great smile and that same mysterious amusement from earlier. He took the young woman’s hand and made almost as big a spectacle of kissing it as he had Eldia’s. The girl’s hands didn’t blush and a wide grin came onto her face as her eyes danced with amusement as if at some private joke. Enibal felt a little offended on the Duke’s behalf, but neither he nor his wives seemed troubled by her reaction. In fact, they seemed to be in the joke.
Before he could ponder their odd reactions Henry stepped in and did a reasonable job of matching the Duke’s performance, finishing by looking deeply into the young woman’s eyes. “So, your teacher wishes to join us on the combat field. Will you follow her into the fire?”
Her hands had blushed, slightly, at Henry’s attention, which he decided to chalk up to her being unused to aliens. She flashed his bondbrother a smile before she spoke, “Oh, thank you, but no. I am more one to enjoy watching such things than participating in them. I am interested to see the prowess on display here, however. Can you recommend a good place from which I can watch?”
Henry smiled to her and nodded, “Right this way ma’dam. I shall show you and the Ambassador to prime seats!”
Enibal tried to find a way to protest, to leave his Aunt with Henry, when Kazlor looked at him and gave him a subtle wink, “My friend, if you would, I would like the honor of escorting this fair young maid. Could you show our new friend Eldia here to the armor and show her the basics? I was impressed with your teaching skill earlier, and know I’d be leaving her in good hands.”
Enibal’s hearts skipped a beat. He knows? How does he know? Please tell me Aunt Eldia didn’t see that wink. He looked at his Aunt as he and Vashna were led off, searching for signs that she’d noticed, but she had all her attention on Henry. I know that look. He has her thoroughly intrigued, and she is probably already forming interview questions. At least she believed me when I told her that the Duke and his wives don’t share: He is just the type she likes to play with.
Satisfied that all seemed to be going well, he started off after the Duke, but realized Vashna hadn’t moved. He looked at her, and she gave him a single arched eyebrow with a half-reproachful and half-hopeful look. It took a moment to puzzle out what she wanted. She is very junior, and it would be improper for her to actually ask. A look of disappointment started to settle into her face, and he decided there was no harm in it.
He offered her his arm, and she gave him a bright smile as she put her hand in the crook of his elbow, “Why thank you gallant sir! A lady should hardly go unescorted at a time like this, don’t you think?”
He chuckled and winked at her, which she returned with a giggle that was all dimples. He had to hide his hands as they set off behind the Duke, who was already facing the other direction. They were situated quickly enough, and saw several bouts already under way.
(Prev) (Wiki)
layers and layers.... ;)
Bad news: There will be no PRVerse next weekend, sorry all.
Good news: When next we meet, it will be back to the clandestine meetings that shake the galaxy, then on to the Council Chambers.
Slightly longer this week, mostly in the search for a good place to stop. Enjoy. Questions, comments, and corrections always welcome! Stay tuned!
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2020.10.26 00:14 reavers-reapers [SELL] Happy Sunday! Melt, Natasha Denona, Marc Jacobs, Urban Decay, and lots more; also skincare, nails, new brushes

Hi, everyone! I hope you're well. My makeup addiction has transferred to a nail polish addiction, and I continue to be faced with the reality of how little makeup I wear these days, so I come to you all with more items to declutter. I hope they can find homes where they'll be enjoyed more.
⦁ I've moved house so I'm missing the unit cartons/outside boxes for some of the items. My apologies for that.
⦁ Shipping in the US is $4 for everything under a pound, $6 for everything over. I'll be shipping through USPS from Ohio, and please keep in mind it usually takes me a few days to get things to the post office.
⦁ Payment accepted through Paypal G&S.
⦁ If unsure of color, I would encourage you to look up swatches or additional photos online. Sometimes the weather affects how my camera reads color. If you'd like me to take another photo, please feel free to ask.
⦁ All non-liquid products can be sanitized upon request.
⦁ Most shipping packaging is reused. If that does not appeal to you, please let me know ahead of time!
⦁ Happy shopping!
BN = brand new; RV = retail value; FWP = free with purchase

URBAN DECAY Naked Honey palette, swatched 3x, used once on the eyes. No brush or box (sorry). $49 RV. $20.
STORYBOOK COSMETICS palettes, all swatched a few times:
ORYZA BEAUTY Camo eyeshadow palette (this is mini), BN but came with a little nick in the top left shade. $3.
WINKY LUX Eyeshadow Single in shade 'Frothy,' BN. $2.
CHELLA mini eyeshadow quad, used twice. $1.50.
MELT Cultura Gel Liner, used twice. $19 RV. $9.
COL-LAB Bold-Faced Liner in 'Drama Queen' (waterproof, black), BN. $8.99 RV. $1.
MILANI Highly Rated Mascara, BN. This is a sample size. $1.

MARC JACOBS Air Blush, shade Lines & Last Night, used twice. $42 RV. $20.
NATASHA DENONA Mini Bloom Highlighting Blush (no box), light use. $19 RV. $7.
MAËLLE Cheeky Blush, swatched. $9 RV. $2.
GIRLACTIK Skin Glow Duo in 'Moonlight' (these are cream highlights), swatched twice. $26 RV. $7.
WET n WILD MegaGlo Loose Highlighting Powder in shade 'I'm So Lit,' light use. So much product in here. $7.49 RV. $1.

CIATE LONDON Wonderwand Lipstick in shade 'Wanderlust,' used 2x or 3x. $18 RV. $7.
BELLE EN ARGENT Lip Liure Gloss, shade 'Jealous of Us,' BN. $2.50.
LOTTIE LONDON Slay All Day Mini Liquid Lipstick in 'Fleek,' BN. $2.
MAËLLE Clearly Brilliant Tinted Lip Balms, BN. $1.50 each. (I'm not sure if these are minis or not.)
CLINQUE Take the Day Off Mini, BN. $4. (

AIR REPAIR Super Hydrating Eye Cream, BN. $24.50 RV. $6.
PURLISSE Matcha Green Tea Antioxidant Priming Moisturizer, BNIB. $35 RV. $12.
SKINFIX Barrier+ Nutrient Water Misting Tonic, used twice. $22 RV. $8.
MAD HIPPIE Hydrating Nutrient Mist, used 3x (95% full). $19.99 RV. $7.
COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Prep & Set Water Mist, rose scent, BN. $9.99 RV for 100ml (this bottle is 90ml). $2.
PROACTIV Renewing Cleaner, BN. This is a deluxe sample size. $2.
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PERRICONE MD Face Firming Serum, BN. This is a deluxe sample size. $2.
EXUVIANCE Super Retinol Concentrate, BN. This is a deluxe sample size. $2.
SKIN & CO. Truffle Therapy Face Toner, BN. This is a deluxe sample size. $2.
PHILOSOPHY Renewed Hope in a Jar Refreshing & Refining Moisturizer, BN. This is a deluxe sample size. $2.
BOSCIA Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask, BN. This is a deluxe sample size. $2.
ISLAND SOUP CANDLE WORKS Pineapple Paradise Shea Butter Body Cream, BN. This is also pretty small. $3.
K VOSS Lip Treatment, BN. This is a deluxe sample size. $2.

KLORANE Nutri-Reparative Leave-in Cream with Desert Date, BN. $18 RV. $5.
EMILY DE MOLLY polish, in shade 'Thorn in my Side,' used once. You see the dusty purple base color more in person than in the photo. $10 RV. $3.
MISCHO BEAUTY polish in shade 'Unbothered,' BN. $4.
TRUST FUND BEAUTY polish in shade 'Where's My Money,' used once. $2.

Brushes, all BN:
GRACE & STELLA rose roller rose quartz facial massager, BN. $4 (there's a black smudge on the smaller stone but I've never used it so I'm really not sure what it's from)
Naked Palette Stencil Sticker, BN. FWP.
Thanks for looking!
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2020.10.26 00:12 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: October 19th - October 25th

Weekly Round-Up: October 19th - October 25th
/bangtan Weekly Round-Up
Previous thread: October 12th - October 18th
This round-up is for everything that happened in the /bangtan realm within the past week, compiled for your convenience! If you have feedback, please leave a comment or send me a PM.
The latest weekly round-up is linked on the sidebar of the subreddit. The link to the archive of past round-up posts can always be found in the wiki index.

News & Information

Date Thread
201019 BTS confirmed to attend The Fact Music Awards, which will be held online in December
201019 Sports Chosun: Upcoming BTS universe drama "YOUTH" directed by Kim Jaehong has confirmed cast
201019 RUN BTS! is coming back 10/20 Tuesday 9PM KST
201019 You can now connect your ARMY Bomb 'Ver.3' and 'MAP OF THE SOUL SPECIAL EDITION' to 'Airplane pt.2 -Japanese ver.-' Official MV
201021 NDTV, A Major News Channel In India, Will Televise An Upcoming Interview With BTS
201021 2021 GRAMMYs Nominations Will Be Announce On November 24th
201022 NDTV: BTS chatted with NDTV's @rohitkhilnani about music and more! Watch the full intv on Oct 30 on NDTV 24x7 and
201024 BTS Will Have An Interview On December 1st For The Grammy Mini Masterclass

Merchandise news

Date Thread
201020 Information on additional reservation time slots for BTS Pop-up: Map of the Soul Showcase in Seoul
201021 BigHit Official Merch: D-2 Check out our new products at the BTS POP-UP Online Store! 2020.10.23 11AM(KST)
201023 BTS Pop-up: Map of the Soul Online Store is now open via Weverse Shop USA and Global
201024 BTS Weverse announcement: BTS Popup, Map of the Soul Online Store Asia

Official Media

Type Date Link Thread
Bomb 201024 [BANGTAN BOMB] Musical Actors BTS Thread
Episode 201021 [EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) @ 62nd GRAMMY Awards Thread
Live 201020 Jimin Vlive: 저 왔어요 Thread
Live 201021 Jung Kook Thread
Live 201021 SUGA Vlive Thread
Magazine 201019 Weverse Magazine: “When the Walls Fell, 'Dynamite' Behind the Scenes” Thread
Magazine 201023 Weverse Magazine (Feature): When the Walls Fell Thread
Performance 201022 BTS (방탄소년단) 'Dynamite' @ America's Got Talent 2020 Thread
Photos 201023 BTS [MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E] Photo Sketch Thread
Run BTS! 201020 Run BTS! 2020 - EP.112 Thread
Run BTS! 201022 [Behind] Run BTS! - EP.112 Thread
Teaser 201020 BTS BE Concept Photo Thread

Official SNS

Date SNS Link Thread
201019 Weverse Compilation
201020 Twitter BTS Twitter Layout Has Changed to Dark
201020 All BTS have updated the layout on all their platforms Thread
201020 Weverse Compilation
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Date Thread
201020 Lemona x BTS Instagram Update
201020 FILA KOREA: BTS(방탄소년단) 'FILA ON THE STREET' - Teaser
201020 BTS / SYSTEM Last Collection 2020
201022 Samsung Mobile: RM Galaxy Buds Live
201022 [ENG] 💌 What is the JIMIN's way to Duty-Free? 🥳
201022 Samsung Mobile: Jin Galaxy Buds Live
201022 BTS x Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Compilation
201023 BTS(방탄소년단) ‘FILA ON THE STREET’ - Main


Date Publisher Article Thread
201020 Forbes Jessica Agombar On Co-Writing BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ And ARMYs: ‘The Support They’ve Got Worldwide Is Insane’ Thread
201020 MBW BTS Is #5 UMG's Biggest Revenue-Generating Artists In The First 9 Months Of 2020 After The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, King & Prince Thread
201020 LaineyGossip BTS Introduces Us to BE Era Thread
201020 Variety The Orchard CEO Brad Navin Explains Mechanics of New Partnership With Sony/ATV; the Secret of BTS’ Success Thread
201020 Foreign Policy China Backs Off From Fight With K-Pop Fans Thread

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NOTE: Entries with 💜 have new content directly involving BTS
Date 💜 Link Thread
201019 STEVIE AIELLO mentions BTS Thread
201019 5yethree: Worked on the "Moon" Stage Set for Map of the Soul O:NE Thread
201019 💜 Lee Dam, child model from V's "Inner Child" performance at Map of the Soul ON:E Thread
201020 Columbia Records: Join the BTS Party (Spotify and Apple Music) Thread
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201020 BTS Cutouts at Day 1 of the World Series Thread
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201021 💜 V gifted Lee Dam (little boy from Inner Child performance) a huge teddy bear! Thread
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201024 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert has a message for BTS & J-Hope Thread
201024 MLB Thread

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Cover 201018 [DANCE IN PARIS /SOUL TRAIN ver.] BTS (방탄소년단) - DYNAMITE Dance cover by RISIN' from France Thread
Cover 201023 AKMU Suhyun covers "Dynamite" on You Heeyeol’s Sketchbook (pre-release clip) Thread
Cover 201022 HONNE & Griff Cover of 'Dynamite' Thread
Video 201017 겟TV: Younha talks about her collaboration with RM Thread
Video 201021 Park Nae Ju (BTS' Hairstylist): BTS RM Dynamite Skyblue Hair Color Cover Thread
Video 💜 201023 BTS's acceptance speech for Asia Society's 2020 Asia Game Changers Award Thread
Video 201023 As A Build Up To Upcoming NDTV BTS Interview, Legendary Famous Indian Producer, AR Rahman Talks About BTS With NDTV Thread
Other 201022 CBS This Morning: Blue states are listening to BTS Thread


Type Date Thread
Charts/Sales 201018 'Filter' has now achieved 110 #1's on iTunes Worldwide and is now the HIGHEST Charting BTS solo song and overall B-Side track in HISTORY on iTunes Worldwide!
Charts/Sales 201019 BTS 'Dynamite' Has Rises To New Peak On Apple Music Global At #3
Charts/Sales 201019 'Dynamite' is #5 on Billboard Hot 100 for its 8th week
Charts/Sales 201019 BTS' "Dynamite" extends its reign as the longest running #1 single on the Digital Song Sales chart this year (8th week; 44K sold)
Charts/Sales 201019 BTS' "Dynamite" returns to #1 on the Billboard Global 200 singles chart. It has spent 2 weeks at #1.
Charts/Sales 201019 'Dynamite' is #1 on both Billboard Global excluding US and Global 200
Charts/Sales 201020 BTS Is #1 For Billboard Artist 100
Charts/Sales 201023 ‘Skool Luv Affair’ aiming for top 10 album debut in the US, with 26K units sold following physical release
Charts/Sales 201024 [Compilation] Skool Luv Affair Special Addition re-release Wk 1 chart achievements
Charts/Sales 201025 Dynamite returns to #1 on Melon 24hit Chart
Likes 201022 Boy With Luv MV has now reached 19 million likes on YT! This makes BTS the first and only artist in history to have 2 MVs with 19M+ likes (Dynamite & BWL).
Likes 201023 BTS's 'Dynamite' Becomes the First Group MV to surpass 20 MILLION likes on YouTube
Likes 201025 “Dynamite” is now the most liked song on Melon in 2020 with >324,000 likes, surpassing “Eight”. Also fastest song in history to achieve this (just 65 days!)
Streams 201019 BTS 'Dynamite' Earns Biggest Streaming Day On Spotify Japan For Any Songs (328k)
Streams 201020 BTS's "2 Cool 4 Skool" has surpassed 200 MILLION streams on Spotify
Views 201020 "Dynamite" has now surpassed 500 million views on YouTube
Views 201024 BTS's 'Boy With Luv feat. Halsey' MV Has Become Their 2nd Music Video To Hit 1 BILLION Views On YouTube
Other 201022 BTS' profile picture in their official Facebook page hits 1M reactions in JUST 2 days, showcasing their rapid growth since MOTS: 7
Other 201022 “Dynamite” Becomes BTS’s First Song to Surpass an audience of 50 MILLION on Mediabase (Overall US Radio)


Date Link Thread
201021 Have a BOO-tiful 👻 night with #TinyTAN Thread


Date Link Thread
201019 Everyone has their own dark secrets.... ⠀ 2020. 10. 21 11AM (KST) Thread
201021 BT21 ORIGINAL STORY EP.02 - COOKY & IAN Thread
201023 Memories may seem distant, so keep them close. Carry BT21 in your hands. ✨ Thread

BT21 merchandise news

Date Thread
201022 BT21 BABY Automatic Soap Dispenser


Date Thread
201020 English Translation and Korean vocab lesson with 마지막 (The Last) by Agust D
201020 I work for the Yamaha Corporation, and I recently pitched and helped create a BTS album for their Enspire player pianos! Here’s a clip of our rendition of “Run”.
201022 [Throwback] 6 years ago today, BTS released music video for "War of Hormone"
201023 [Throwback] 2 years ago today, RM released "mono." and music video for "forever rain"
201022 Unboxing and Comparison of SKOOL LUV AFFAIR (Special Edition) new re-release vs the original
201024 TWT: ᴮᴱBTS History₇ ComeBack Funds
201024 My local skating rink (in Florida) is having a BTS Skate Night!!
201025 MrBeast: And since the BTS community put in so much effort and this was all in good fun I’ll also give them $10,000. GGs all around❤️️


Rolling /bangtan Awards 2020 nomination form

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ilumoone Taehyung drawing inspired by his song ‘Singularity’ 🎭 - getting into the Halloween mood!
lunasoleil9 Hopped on the glass album trend with my two favorite songs!
cigsandcola galaxy gguk fanart by me 💖✨💫 (apparently I posted in the wrong subreddit so here it is again :)))
Berrynatly Drawing inspired by Jimin’s Filter! ✨Ps: couldn’t decide with or without the mic so draw both versions 😂. All constructive criticism is welcomed 🤗
cigsandcola huge 2X4 foot taehyung piece I did in 2018; 66 hours of blood, sweat and tears ✨✨
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2020.10.26 00:10 DodgerBot Game Chat 10/25 - World Series Game 5 - Dodgers (2) @ Rays (2) 5:08 PM

Dodgers (43-17) @ Rays (40-20)

First Pitch: 5:08 PM at Globe Life Field
Pitcher TV Radio
Dodgers Clayton Kershaw (3-1, 2.88 ERA) FOX 570, KTNQ (ES)
Rays Tyler Glasnow (2-2, 6.08 ERA) FOX-INT WDAE, WTMP/WMGG (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream Discord
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments /baseball Discord

Pitcher Notes

Team Notes
Dodgers Kershaw was as good as the Dodgers needed him to be in Game 1, allowing one run in six innings. He made an adjustment with the slider after the first inning and was pulled to save a bullet for this one.
Rays Glasnow, who has been one of the Rays’ most consistent pitchers this season, will be looking for a bounce-back outing against the Dodgers. In the Game 1 loss, Glasnow walked a season-high six batters, allowing six runs over 4 1/3 innings, his second-shortest start of the postseason.

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
LAD 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 6 1
TB 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 7 0

Box Score

1B Díaz, Y 3 1 2 1 0 0 .364
PH Choi 0 0 0 0 0 0 .143
1B Brosseau 0 0 0 0 1 0 .400
DH Arozarena 4 0 1 1 0 0 .333
2B Lowe, B 4 0 0 0 0 1 .143
LF Margot 3 0 2 0 1 1 .400
RF Renfroe 1 0 0 0 1 0 .143
RF Meadows 2 0 0 0 0 2 .154
3B Wendle 4 0 0 0 0 1 .133
SS Adames 4 0 0 0 0 2 .176
CF Kiermaier 3 1 2 0 0 1 .375
C Zunino 2 0 0 0 0 2 .000
PH Tsutsugo 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
C Perez, M 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Glasnow 5.0 6 4 4 3 7 102-61 9.64
Loup 0.2 0 0 0 1 0 12-6 9.00
Castillo, D 1.1 0 0 0 0 0 8-6 3.38
Sherriff 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 16-10 0.00
Thompson 1.0 0 0 0 1 1 15-9 0.00
RF Betts 5 1 1 0 0 1 .227
SS Seager, C 3 1 1 1 1 1 .471
3B Turner 4 0 0 0 0 1 .364
1B Muncy 3 1 2 1 1 0 .389
DH Smith, W 4 0 0 0 0 3 .143
CF Bellinger 4 0 1 1 0 1 .158
LF Taylor, Ch 4 0 0 0 0 1 .200
LF Pederson 2 1 1 1 1 0 .400
2B Hernández, K 1 0 0 0 0 0 .222
C Barnes, A 2 0 0 0 2 0 .100
Kershaw 5.2 5 2 2 2 6 85-56 2.31
May 1.2 1 0 0 0 2 30-22 9.00
González, V 0.2 0 0 0 1 0 12-8 3.86
Treinen 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 12-9 6.75

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
T1 Corey Seager singles on a sharp ground ball to right fielder Hunter Renfroe. Mookie Betts scores. 0-1
T1 Cody Bellinger singles on a sharp ground ball to second baseman Brandon Lowe. Corey Seager scores. Max Muncy to 2nd. 0-2
T2 Joc Pederson homers (1) on a fly ball to center field. 0-3
B3 Yandy Diaz triples (1) on a line drive to right fielder Mookie Betts. Kevin Kiermaier scores. 1-3
B3 Randy Arozarena singles on a ground ball to left fielder Joc Pederson. Yandy Diaz scores. 2-3
T5 Max Muncy homers (1) on a fly ball to right center field. 2-4


Description Length HD
Corey Seager rips an RBI single to right in the 1st 0:14 HD
Cody Bellinger plates Seager on RBI single in the 1st 0:14 HD
Joc Pederson belts a solo homer to left-center field 0:14 HD
Yandy Díaz drills an RBI triple to right in the 3rd 0:17 HD
Randy Arozarena gets RBI single for 27th playoff hit 0:14 HD
Clayton Kershaw catches Manuel Margot stealing home 0:14 HD
Max Muncy smashes a solo homer to right-center field 0:14 HD
Clayton Kershaw collects 206th postseason strikeout 0:17 HD
Tyler Glasnow fans Will Smith for his 7th strikeout 0:09 HD
Cody Bellinger makes a run-saving grab in center 0:19 HD
Joc Pederson clobbers a 428-ft. home run at 106 mph 0:52 HD
Dodgers' strike-'em-out, throw-'em-out double play 0:19 HD
Margot steals second, reaches third after review 0:40 HD
Joc Pederson makes a nice running grab in left field 0:18 HD
Corey Seager called safe at second after challenge 0:10 HD


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Kershaw (2-0, 2.31) Glasnow (0-2, 9.64) Treinen (1, 6.75)
Game ended at 8:40 PM.
Attendance Weather Wind
74°F, Roof Closed 0 mph, None
HP: Marvin Hudson, 1B: Mark Carlson, 2B: Laz Diaz, 3B: Todd Tichenor, LF: Bill Miller, RF: Chris Guccione
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
submitted by DodgerBot to Dodgers [link] [comments]

2020.10.26 00:10 BaseballBot Game Thread: World Series Game 5 ⚾ Dodgers (2) @ Rays (2) - 8:08 PM ET

Join us on Discord!

Dodgers (43-17) @ Rays (40-20)

First Pitch: 8:08 PM at Globe Life Field
Pitcher TV Radio
Dodgers Clayton Kershaw (3-1, 2.88 ERA) FOX 570, KTNQ (ES)
Rays Tyler Glasnow (2-2, 6.08 ERA) FOX-INT WDAE, WTMP/WMGG (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Freenode: #reddit-baseball

Line Score - Game Over

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
LAD 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 4 6 1
TB 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 7 0

Box Score

1B Díaz, Y 3 1 2 1 0 0 .364 RF Betts 5 1 1 0 0 1 .227
PH Choi 0 0 0 0 0 0 .143 SS Seager, C 3 1 1 1 1 1 .471
1B Brosseau 0 0 0 0 1 0 .400 3B Turner 4 0 0 0 0 1 .364
DH Arozarena 4 0 1 1 0 0 .333 1B Muncy 3 1 2 1 1 0 .389
2B Lowe, B 4 0 0 0 0 1 .143 DH Smith, W 4 0 0 0 0 3 .143
LF Margot 3 0 2 0 1 1 .400 CF Bellinger 4 0 1 1 0 1 .158
RF Renfroe 1 0 0 0 1 0 .143 LF Taylor, Ch 4 0 0 0 0 1 .200
RF Meadows 2 0 0 0 0 2 .154 LF Pederson 2 1 1 1 1 0 .400
3B Wendle 4 0 0 0 0 1 .133 2B Hernández, K 1 0 0 0 0 0 .222
SS Adames 4 0 0 0 0 2 .176 C Barnes, A 2 0 0 0 2 0 .100
CF Kiermaier 3 1 2 0 0 1 .375
C Zunino 2 0 0 0 0 2 .000
PH Tsutsugo 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
C Perez, M 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
Glasnow 5.0 6 4 4 3 7 102-61 9.64 Kershaw 5.2 5 2 2 2 6 85-56 2.31
Loup 0.2 0 0 0 1 0 12-6 9.00 May 1.2 1 0 0 0 2 30-22 9.00
Castillo, D 1.1 0 0 0 0 0 8-6 3.38 González, V 0.2 0 0 0 1 0 12-8 3.86
Sherriff 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 16-10 0.00 Treinen 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 12-9 6.75
Thompson 1.0 0 0 0 1 1 15-9 0.00

Scoring Plays

Inning Event Score
T1 Corey Seager singles on a sharp ground ball to right fielder Hunter Renfroe. Mookie Betts scores. 0-1
T1 Cody Bellinger singles on a sharp ground ball to second baseman Brandon Lowe. Corey Seager scores. Max Muncy to 2nd. 0-2
T2 Joc Pederson homers (1) on a fly ball to center field. 0-3
B3 Yandy Diaz triples (1) on a line drive to right fielder Mookie Betts. Kevin Kiermaier scores. 1-3
B3 Randy Arozarena singles on a ground ball to left fielder Joc Pederson. Yandy Diaz scores. 2-3
T5 Max Muncy homers (1) on a fly ball to right center field. 2-4


Description Length HD
Corey Seager rips an RBI single to right in the 1st 0:14 HD
Cody Bellinger plates Seager on RBI single in the 1st 0:14 HD
Joc Pederson belts a solo homer to left-center field 0:14 HD
Yandy Díaz drills an RBI triple to right in the 3rd 0:17 HD
Randy Arozarena gets RBI single for 27th playoff hit 0:14 HD
Clayton Kershaw catches Manuel Margot stealing home 0:14 HD
Max Muncy smashes a solo homer to right-center field 0:14 HD
Clayton Kershaw collects 206th postseason strikeout 0:17 HD
Tyler Glasnow fans Will Smith for his 7th strikeout 0:09 HD
Cody Bellinger makes a run-saving grab in center 0:19 HD
Joc Pederson clobbers a 428-ft. home run at 106 mph 0:52 HD
Dodgers' strike-'em-out, throw-'em-out double play 0:19 HD
Margot steals second, reaches third after review 0:40 HD
Joc Pederson makes a nice running grab in left field 0:18 HD
Corey Seager called safe at second after challenge 0:10 HD


Winning Pitcher Losing Pitcher Save
Kershaw (2-0, 2.31) Glasnow (0-2, 9.64) Treinen (1, 6.75)
Game ended at 11:40 PM.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
submitted by BaseballBot to baseball [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 23:18 matosz The Nostalgia Series - 191 ~ The Taming Master

The Taming Master. Also here for the old table of contents. Jinsung is one among a myriad players inside the VRMMO "Kailan". He is a lvl 93 archer in the Lotus guild. He is among the top 1000 KR players but he harbors a secret ambition within his heart: he wants to be one of the top 100 players worldwide. Jinsung feels he is close to hitting the limit with his lvl 93 Archer and is considering taking advantage of the new update, to reset his class and go for one of the new hidden classes.
After "convincing" his guild master with a BS reason of "because it's fun", Jinsung goes on to reset his game character's, Ian's, class, and chooses to go with the seemingly useless new hidden class of Summoner. There seemed to be some time constraint but I'm not too clear about it. Anyways, Jinsung will now work his hardest to catch up to his guildmates' level as soon as possible while surrounded by a bunch of tamed monsters.
I used to like this novel. Then I put it on hold to stack chapters. Then I forgot about it. By the time I noticed this novel was waiting for me to go back into it, it was no longer on And I see it on QI, where not only the translation seems to have stopped at chapter 598, but according to comments the 252 translated chapters from MyoniYoni were stolen? Can someone confirm the translation to that point wasn't bought? Anyways, the translation seems to be pretty much dead at the moment
Have you read this novel before? Did you drop it at some point? Were you up to date? What do you remember? Leave a comment below!
Welcome to The Nostalgia Series! I've been planning this since August last year as a way to inject a little bit of discussion around here while at the same time going on a trip through memory lane. Sadly my self-excuse was having too little time and have been putting this off for months now. But on April 18 decided 'screw it' and to start by just keeping it simple.
So here is simple. I will post an entry with a short or a long summary in a daily basis for every single novel in my now short reading list. Including and starting with the novels I dropped and going up the ladder. If you'd like, join the discussion! And hopefully you may find something new to read. Anyways, let's talk.
submitted by matosz to noveltranslations [link] [comments]

2020.10.25 23:14 throwawayaracehorse 20 Years Ago I Participated in Something Known as The Great Pumpkin Holocaust. I Think It's Time for Me to Pay For My Sins

The guts of pumpkins are strewn out in the street this morning. My heart jumps and I feel a panic coming on as I look out the front window and see the seeds and fleshy remnants of a night of mischief. We slept soundly in our beds while the massacre occurred right outside our windows. We didn’t hear the laughter of teenagers, didn’t hear the splat of the busting gourds. We didn’t miss a wink.
I run outside to the front porch to see our two pumpkins, sitting safe, round and orange on the swinging bench that overlooks the front yard. We were lucky. Our pumpkins were spared. Still, if they did get smashed last night, it would’ve just been some bad karma on my end. In my youth I was responsible for many a smashed pumpkin. I feel as though I would have had it coming.
We haven’t carved ours yet. My wife, Theresa, bought a couple of those carving kits where you can make the really ornate with the detailed designs. I think Pumpkin Masters is the name of the brand. You put this little pattern on the pumpkin and you use these jigsaws to carve a design that would otherwise be impossible to do: skeletons with all 206 bones, Jack-O-Lantern faces expressing every human emotion possible, black cat faces with visible whiskers, and replicas of real life giant haunted castles.
Nathan, our youngest, will only get to watch. His tiny hands aren’t coordinated enough to work the little saw and punch out the pattern. Plus, it’s a sharp object and the blood of a four year old won’t look good on the design I’ve got picked out. Maybe he can scoop out some of the seeds and stringy pumpkin goo.
This year I’ve picked out the obligatory “pirate skull face”, complete with eye-patch, bandana, and golden earring. You can even make out all of the teeth in his leering grin. I’m not sure what pattern Theresa has picked out, but I’m sure that it is the most difficult pattern in the box. She enjoys the challenge and will be slaving away at that pumpkin skin canvas long after Nathan and I are done.
Sheridan, the teenager that happens to reside in our house will most likely abstain from the festivities. She’s no doubt got better and more important things to do. Hell, I’m not so sure that it wasn’t her boyfriend and his buddies that were responsible for the massacre outside. Maybe our pumpkins were spared because of who we are, safe by association. I’ll have to check the front door to see if she sprinkled some lamb’s blood out there, a pumpkin Passover.
Life is funny this way: Once I roamed the neighborhoods getting into mischief and mayhem like the young ruffians who slaughtered the countless pumpkins in our neighborhood. Me and my buddies reigned terror upon the middle-class suburbanites who had bought the seasonal squash for display upon their front porches. Now the shoe is on the other foot and I never thought that I would be the middle-class square, fearing for the safety of my own pumpkin.
My friends and I had always dabbled in our share of egg throwing, teepee-ing, and such, but had never pulled off something as monumental as what we were about to do. When it was all said and done, it would forever be known as The Great Pumpkin Holocaust.
Blake had just turned 16 and this afforded us many new opportunities. His pickup truck was a better mode of transportation than a bicycle. It served as our getaway vehicle and also a tool to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting denizens of our small town.
On our most glorious night we hit up a subdivision that was nestled in the hills just outside of downtown. It was somewhat isolated and had many exits and entrances to utilize. It was a week or so before Halloween and the pumpkins still had plenty of use left.
We were creative and ruthless in our methods of destruction. Jesse carried a small bottle of lighter fluid at his side and would give a hefty squirt into lit pumpkins. It’s a wonder that no houses got burned down that night. We rolled some down hills, chucked others on roofs, and many more were crushed under our thoughtless boot heels. But for the vast majority of the pumpkins we had much more sinister things in store.
Dozens were taken captive and held hostage in the back of Blake’s truck, awaiting a bleak fate. They only needed to be joined by their fearless leader before being advanced to the next stage.
It was the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and he sat magnificently displayed on a front porch owned by an elderly couple. A spotlight shone on it as it sat upon a throne made of hay bales in front of a giant picture window, visible from the street.
I don’t know where they had obtained a pumpkin so big, but it must have won some blue ribbons at the county fair in its day. Maybe they knew a farmer who pumped a batch of mutant growth hormones into his patch.
Cinderella only wished that she could’ve ridden in a carriage as big as this pumpkin.
Blake sat in his idling truck a few houses down, waiting to pull forward to pick us up. As we crept along, undercover by shadows, Jesse and I could see the old couple through the picture window, sitting in their living room watching TV. We just knew that they were watching the thing out of the corner of their eyes.
We were just out of sight from the window at the corner of the house, waiting to make our move. On an adrenaline fueled count of three, we dashed towards the giant orange thing, got on either side of it and lifted. Man it was a heavy bastard. There was no way one of us could’ve carried it alone.
We were in the lawn when the front door opened, sidestepping down the lawn with the pumpkin in between us like a wounded comrade. Blake’s headlights appeared as the old man shouted behind us, scaring us like enemy gunfire. We heaved the giant pumpkin into the back of the truck and followed suit. Our bodies rolled off the bouncing and chaotic gourds as Blake hauled ass out of there. The old man’s shouts chased after us as we sped away, laughing like demons into the night.
It didn’t stop there, but it was about to. All of our pillaging and plundering was about to culminate into one final cruel mischievous act. We hit the back roads for a while, laying low and waiting for the cops to leave the neighborhood and for the residents to go back to sleep.
There was a large hill that overlooked the high school football field and Jesse had somehow managed to stash a homemade trebuchet in the bushes. How he pulled this off, I’ll never know.
We spent an hour or two launching pumpkins onto the football field below. Blake played the song “1979” on repeat, the song by the oh-so-apropos titled band Smashing Pumpkins.
Blake, ever the pyro in our youth, had graduated from Black Cats and M-80s to gunpowder and gasoline and a new type of product called Tannerite. He drilled a hole in the giant pumpkin and loaded it with explosives. One would only have to fire a gun at the thing and the bullet would serve as a detonator of the Tannerite. A chain reaction would occur and the pumpkin would explode, raining its guts down over everything.
The exploding pumpkin was the grand finale. We hefted that thing onto the 50 yard line, the splattered carcasses of its brethren scattered all around. We asked if it had any last requests. It didn’t respond.
Jesse was in the bed of the truck with a night scope and a thirty aught six. We were 300 yards away give or take. There was the blast of the single shot of the rifle that bled into the much louder explosion of the giant pumpkin, a deafening KABOOM that reverberated off the bleachers and stadium and echoed throughout the sleeping town in a way that we never could’ve anticipated.
We hauled ass out of there into hiding and were never caught. The front page of the town newspapers detailed the outcome of our exploits: scores of pissed off townsfolk, a crater in the middle of the football field and a relocation of the next game to the junior high field, pumpkin guts that were found a mile away,
Man, do I have it coming.
That was over two decades ago and I’ve long since moved far away from the hometown of my youth. I’ve never looked back. I didn’t make it to any of the high school reunions that have occurred over the years. I didn’t do this out of some sense of contempt for the place or my past; I just never gave it much thought. It was time to move on. I took a scholarship to a school out east where I would meet the woman that would become my first wife.
I didn’t keep up with Blake or Jesse either. Yeah, I guess I was one of those friends. But there was something that had happened our senior year, some falling out that I can barely recall, a rift involving jealousy and girlfriends. I can’t even remember whose. I wasn’t one for social media either, so as years passed I didn’t really have a means of touching base with them with the ease of typing in their names.
Besides, I didn’t really feel the urge to. Life had moved on. I was now on my second marriage, the Theresa I mentioned before. I have a toddler of my own and a step-daughter and piles of leaves in the front lawn, pumpkins on the porch. Things were good now*.* No sense in looking back.
* * *
“Is my pumpkin dead?” Nathan asks through the screen door as I examine the aftermath from the night before.
“No, buddy. See?” I say and hoist up our intact pumpkins.
“Did you see or hear anything last night?”“Just the Pumpkin Man. He was in the trees.”
“Oh,” I say. Nathan has an overactive imagination and is prone to nightmares and strange dreams. The bizarre things he says at times that has me Googling child psychiatrists and whether or not schizophrenia can manifest in kids his age.
“He had four elbows.”
“Four elbows? Wow. I bet he was pretty funny with all those funny bones.”
“He wasn’t, Daddy. Not funny at all. Can I have a Pop-Tart?”
“Sure, bud.”
What the fuck.
Later on in the day, there’s a flyer on our front door. It’s orange and black and festive.
The festival will take place in the park behind our house a week from today. There will be hot dogs and hamburgers and cider and a costume contest. I’m thinking that I could use that two hundred fifty dollar gift card. Sheridan could, too. Between my wife and Sheridan and myself I think our odds are pretty good of winning this thing.
I can’t stop buying Oktoberfest beer. Every time I’m at the grocery store or gas station there’s some new brand I’ve gotta try. It doesn’t help that as we get closer to November they’re starting to put it all on clearance. With prices that low how can I say no?
I like to drink a couple or three in the evenings after work. I tell myself that I have to sample all of the brands, decide which one’s the best. The night keeps coming earlier and earlier and most of the leaves have started changing. It’s peaceful out there in the backyard. I make efforts at raking leaves, but mostly it’s an excuse to hang out in the waning sun and drink beer.
I’m drinking a Spaten and pretending to rake the leaves. Nathan is running around in his ninja costume, jumping in my piles. He’s been putting a lot of miles on that costume, the one he’s chosen for Halloween. We’ve definitely gotten our money’s worth this year.
A strong wind blows leaves down onto our heads and carries with it an overwhelming sense of nostalgia. The air is crisp and there’s the smell of something burning off in the distance. The alcohol fuzzes my brain and that nostalgic feeling fills my gut with a deep sense of yearning for things passed. I pull my phone up and consider looking up Jesse and Blake, but I don’t have social media and I’m not about to create an account for this fleeting moment.
Still, the feeling persists and later that evening I bug Sheridan to look around for me. She doesn’t have Facebook though. Only Instagram and Snapchat and TikTok. They’re nowhere to be found on those platforms.
The next option is Google, but the feeling has passed by now. It won’t come until the next morning, after the nightmare.
“Long time, no see,” Jesse tells me and I suppose this is a double meaning because his eyes, they’re gone. He says this while relaxing in a camping chair across from me. It’s late evening, not quite dark. A hundred feet away there’s a cabin.
“Yeah man, whatcha been up to? Too good to keep in touch?” Blake asks. He’s tending to a charcoal grill, a can of beer in his hand. His eyes, they’re normal.
“I...I just kinda lost touch. Life got in the way. You know how it goes,” I respond.
“No, I don’t know how it goes. I guess when you fuck your buddy’s girlfriend that tends to get in the way.”
“I thought y’all were on a break. Besides, we didn’t go all the way or anything like that.Whatever happened to Christy?”
“I married her,” Blake says. He takes a long pull from his beers, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows and swallows. Slowly, the piss colored liquid that he just chugged leaks and dribbles out from the bottom of his camo hunting jacket. He crushes the can in his hand, tosses it.
Jake looks over me with his hollow eyes, smiles. He flicks open his hunting knife and I can feel myself tense up. The vibe has started to go all wrong here. I need to leave, to run far away. He places the blade in his mouth and starts prying around in there, I can hear blade against enamel. My gums burn and my jaw aches just watching him.
He spits out a tooth. It’s his front one. There’s a gap in his bloody mouth. He does one on the bottom and then another on the other side.
“Jesus, fuck!” I manage to say.
Jesse and Blake both cackle at my reaction.
“Hey Blake, I might need some help on this one,” Jesse says, his speech all
mushy. He takes the knife and points the tip right at the crown of his skull. He grips the handle with both hands and thrusts downward, meets resistance. There’s the soft thud as it buries into the initial topsoil of his hair and scalp.
By now I’m screaming and running and everything goes black. In an instant I’m out in the dark woods all alone. I can see the glow of the cabin off in the distance. It’s full on nighttime now. I make my way towards the light.
On the front stoop of the cabin’s front entrance I can make out flickers of candle light. I see glowing faces leering at me from afar, Jack-O-Lanterns. One is much bigger than the other.
The skin is orange, spray paint. There are two triangles punched out of what I can only assume is Blake’s chest, right where his nipples would be. A smaller triangle makes a nose right below his sternum and there is a jagged grin carved into his abdomen. Flames dance from somewhere within his body cavity.
Jesse’s head is shaved and his face is orange. His eyes are still hollow and his nose is gone. The knife is buried to the hilt at the top of his head. His punched out sockets glow candlelight and his jaw is propped open while the spotlight of his now crooked grin dances across the ground.
Both of their remains suddenly burst into flame and topple against the side of the cabin—and because this is a dream with its own logic—the cabin bursts into flames.
My scream is paralyzed in my throat and I awake gasping for air, jerking and tangled in the sheets. Theresa rolls over half asleep and clings to me and I cling to her until I slowly acclimate to reality, my body wide awake until the morning comes.
There’s a creeping dread as I go about my morning routine. I try to leave my phone on the charger as long as possible. I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to enter their names.
It was all just a dream. Nothing really happened.
Yet I can’t focus. Can’t eat breakfast. Can barely force myself to drink a few gulps of coffee. It’s like a scratch I’m trying to ignore.
Do it.
You have to know.
I pull up my phone, open Google. I enter their names, Jesse Stephenson and Blake Phelps. The top result is a sledgehammer to my balls. I double over and gag, choking on the splash of coffee and stomach acid that works its way out.
The date for the headline was November 1st. It occurred on Halloween. It was ten years ago.
The article doesn’t report the state of their bodies, if my two former classmates' bodies had been turned into gruesome Jack-O-Lanterns. I imagine that a fire like that, there’s not a lot of information that can be determined. Yet the article does report an unnerving fact, that Blake was survived by two children and his wife Christy.
Christy, that was her name. I do vaguely remember fooling around with her one semi-drunken night and the fallout that occurred. I never knew they got married. Not until I read the article. Not until Blake told me they did.
I can’t shake the feeling. The feeling that this happened ten years ago. On Halloween. The feeling that maybe this happens in cycles, in ten year cycles. The feeling that my luck has run dry and my number is up, the feeling that Halloween is only six days away and I’m next.
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2020.10.25 22:36 Nameless_Archon Thirty-Eight Days of Dwarf: Day 25 (Extra Life 2020!) 7pm EDT!

(We've just embarked anew for some new viewers - come out and watch us take it from the top!)
----------------------------------------Who's this guy?----------------------------------------
Hey guys!
I'm Nameless_Archon, and I provide tutorials on how to play Dwarf Fortress every year (health permitting) while I try to raise money for sick kids.
What in the name of the glowing pits is this about?
It is time to return to our roots, and so we shall: Thirty. Eight. Days. Of. Dwarf.
Starting on 10/1 and proceeding through the Extra Life 2019 Game Day event on 11/7, I'm going to stream and teach what little I know.
Dwarves. Every. Single. Day.
----------------------------------------But why?----------------------------------------
I like to do things when there's more than one reason to do them:
-------------------------So how's this going to work?-------------------------
We've started out like I usually do - streaming a basic, sustainable fortress. However, the reality of the situation is that thirty-three days of Basic Base Building 101 is going to probably bore the pants off people (including me) and I don't really want things to be boring. So we're going to have to do a few things along the way to try to spice things up, and along the way likely reveal that I'm just an average player like everyone else. (Dwarves dying of starvation and frostbite on a glacier? Likelier than you think!)
Basically, I'll stream in the evenings most days for a few hours. On Saturdays and Sundays, we'll generally run a little longer, but I'm going to stream every day until 11/7 even if it means I have to get up at 3am to do it. On 11/7, we're going to culminate with a 24-hour long livestream, as part of the worldwide Extra Life charity event.
I don't use Twitter, Facebook, etc. and people may want to donate to Extra Life 2020, even if they're not supporting my efforts directly. Feel free to share my donations link, or to direct people to the charity's main page.
--------------------------So what's in it for viewers?---------------------------
Well, aside from helping to support my local children's hospital (good vibes, ho!) I'll be pushing out tutorial game(s) live on stream as part of the event. Your donations are a spur in that direction applied to my backside. You can even attend the event with me, since I'll be broadcasting live on my stream the whole time!
...but if that's not enough for you?
Anonymous or not, everyone will know you're supporting kids that need it.
If you're not naming him something awful, it'll even happen. You're welcome to request a trade for the dwarf, if I have one suitable to match it! If we run more than one fort, donator dwarves will show up in all forts after the one where you donated!
If none are available, I'll have to use a migrant. (We call this 'Early cat catches the dwarf'. Move fast.) As above, if you donate on the first fort of our event, we'll put that same dwarf into the starting seven every fort thereafter!
Want me to embark on a reanimating evil biome with a necromancer next door? It's your call. I'll save the current stream fort, and start a new one on the spot with settings as close to your request as I can manage on the fly, and run with it until it dies or I do. If someone else flips the script on you before I finish, you can either donate again to flip if back or wait for their fort to exhaust before I resume yours. Your choice. (We call this one 'Last dwarf gets the sock.')
Some limits on this are required for sanity's sake. Let's talk first.
At some point, I'll get back to the stream fort, but for a truly generous donation, I'm 100% willing to give up some time and show off anything you'd like, live and on the spot. You can find a link to my Steam profile (which contains a list of potential games I could probably get set up for streaming) here if you're considering this. (And if it's something we can do multiplayer, we can even try that too, which would be a stream first.)
Wait....Thirty days of tutorials for Dwarf Fortress as part of a charity drive?
Thirty-eight days, actually. It was the wife's idea - she suggested that you folks might like to get a newer version of my original tutorial, and that this might be a good avenue to combine hardcore Dwarf Fortress fanatics, who are already a generous and supporting community, with a charitable cause to support. I didn't have much luck finding a flaw in her reasoning, so I bit the bullet and advertised it at work, too, despite my trepidation regarding drawing personal attention there. (Last year, they contributed only a sixth of our total collection, because the players and viewers - people like you and I - were far more generous!)
------------------------- New and Uncertain Players: ----------------------
We'll be putting the newest version of the starter pack and Dwarf Fortress through its paces as we (attempt to) start a new tutorial series for v 0.47.04. (Note: If there's an update and it seems relatively bug free, I'll try for the newer version, but I'm aiming this at newer players, so trying to ride the cutting edge isn't really in the cards.)
Past demonstrations (From v.34 to present) have included glaciers, deserts, sites with necromancer towers adjacent (like Day 1 this year...) as well as discussion on how to influence worldgen to get what you want. Our first one will be a more sedate embark, designed and chosen for relatively newer players, and we'll start with worldgen as though we're looking at a fresh install.
My goal for "Tutorial Night" is to walk new players through an embark using the DF Starter Pack. (Explicit thanks to PeridexisErrant and others who I admire for their dedication, which is studded with perseverance and ringed with bands of my gratitude! Without those efforts, a tutorial for installing and configuring everything for the game and its add-ons would be a sizable task unto itself. I've actually devoted many hours of stream to demonstrating it 'the hard way'!)
Along the way, I'll provide examples of the setup and tools I use to play Dwarf Fortress, as a guidepost for new players.
What I'm really trying to do is give new players a reference point they can come back to on how to set up a world, embark on a site, and stand a reasonable chance of employing a fairly basic and standard design to build a workable fortress wherever they may need to start one.
Stream Info:
The channel rules are simple: Respect Wheaton's Law and you'll be fine. Just don't expect the content of the broadcast to be 100% suitable for children; Sorry, kids. I'm much too low-brow for a guaranteed clean broadcast. Get your parents' permission, etc etc.
If you have questions you might like answered with a demonstration, and not simply a quick post in the weekly questions thread, I'm your guy. I'll do my best to demonstrate just about anything you can think up - aquifers, megaprojects and magma pistons aside. (Minecarts may get covered, but don't expect anything computational or timer based - I'm a casual player, not a dwarven mechanical engineer.)
You can view the stream here, as well as on the donations page for Extra Life.
Later Goals:
At some point in this fortress, I'll walk players through my 'most commonly used' tools in DFHack and in the utilities that come packaged in the DF Starter Pack and how I use them to construct a simple, basic, and tightly run fortress that can support as many dwarves as my PC can haul, defend itself against all comers, and handle just about anything. I also will demonstrate Quickfort at some point for those who've never taken advantage of it!
We'll certainly touch on Dwarf Therapist, and discuss how I use it to control the behavior and organization of my ants dwarves, including a demonstration of custom professions in action. Sound will be provided by Soundsense so that you're not listening to me play in silence during any lulls, and the off-topic interaction between the audience and myself tends toward the lively (and often ribald).
New players, your questions (no matter how 'silly' you may think they are) are 100% welcome, as they're the whole point to the broadcast! Join us and ask them!
If you can't make it (or are not willing to brave my often vulgar displays of unsuitability) and still have questions you can't seem to figure out, post them in the DF Bi-Weekly Questions Thread for this week and I'll do my best to help you overcome your obstacles, if the expert players haven't gotten there first!
(Obligatory: Yesss... Join usss... Join the Dark Side... We have cookies!)
------------------------ More advanced players: ------------------------------
On that note, experienced players who want to follow along are certainly welcome (and often manage to teach me a thing or two, directly or not) but the main thrust of the stream will be to help new players get over the introductory hump to start playing at a deeper level, so you may find yourself paying less attention to the pace of the stream and more attention to your fellow audience members. I do love having a few veterans show up, though, because my fortress designs always get better when I'm shown a method I've never used!
--------------------------------Parting Words----------------------------------------
Please don't go. The children need you.
Please donate if you are able.
On behalf of Riley and Extra Life: Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!
------------------------ !!EVENT NAVIGATION BAR!! ---------------------------
<= Prior Day (Day 24) - Next Event (Day 26) =>
----------------------------------------Progress Readout---------------------------
  1. Pre-Broadcast: Completed. You're reading it. You could have read it before this, but I'm lazy and I'm blaming the Automod, since that was the real reason one time a few years ago. Don't tell anyone.
  2. Thirty-Eight Days of Dwarf: This is tonight from 7pm-10pm EDT! Within 14 days, the VOD will still be up at Twitch (-link pending-) but after that, you'll need to wait for a Youtube upload, which may take some time.
  3. Day 25 Youtube Upload ( -link pending- ) is pending broadcast completion!
Special thanks to this year's donators!
- Clinodev (!) - still wants a wax worker!
- Valdimar (!) - randomly selected for engraving and spelunking, depending on the whims of fate! Now with apprentices!
- Estacaco
- Marshall DK (!)
- Veliq (!)
- Sicarius (!) - a mason, and now a priest!
- Adrian (!) - A carpenter!
- (!! ☼ Kruggsmashdf and his Bearded Bastards ☼ !!)
- BlindIRL
- Derek (!)
- Driflo (!)
- Thomas (!)
- AdamFedo (!)
- Tomric (!)
We're also 79.5% of the way to our initial goal, and halfway to our stretch goal of breaking our record!
---------------------------------- Fortresses To Date ------------------------------
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2020.10.25 22:18 jboogie18 I suggest everyone read this before continuing to debate about Hunter Biden. The real conspiracy we are forgetting about is the overt collaboration of media conglomorates.

I suggest everyone read this before continuing to debate about Hunter Biden. The real conspiracy we are forgetting about is the overt collaboration of media conglomorates.

With the Hunter Biden Expose, Suppression is a Bigger Scandal Than The Actual Story.

By: Matt Taibbi
Unprecedented efforts to squelch information about a New York Post story may prove to be more dangerous corruption than whatever Hunter Biden did with a crooked Ukrainian energy company
The incredible decision by Twitter and Facebook to block access to a New York Post story about a cache of emails reportedly belonging to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter, with Twitter going so far as to lock the 200 year-old newspaper out of its own account for over a week, continues to be a major underreported scandal.
The hypocrisy is mind-boggling. Imagine the reaction if that same set of facts involved the New York Times and any of its multitudinous unverifiable “exposes” from the last half-decade: from the similarly-leaked “black ledger” story implicating Paul Manafort, to its later-debunkedrepeated contacts with Russian intelligence” story, to its mountain of articles about the far more dubious Steele dossier. Internet platforms for years have balked at intervening at many other sensational “unverified” stories, including ones called into question in very short order:

Jonathan Chait @jonathanchait
Why Julie Swetnick's allegations spell doom for Brett Kavanaugh
September 26th 2018
180 Retweets404 Likes
The flow of information in the United States has become so politicized – bottlenecked by an increasingly brazen union of corporate press and tech platforms – that it’s become impossible for American audiences to see news about certain topics absent thickets of propagandistic contextualizing. Try to look up anything about Burisma, Joe Biden, or Hunter Biden in English, however, and you’re likely to be shown a pile of “fact-checks” and explainers ahead of the raw information:
Other true information has been scrubbed or de-ranked, either by platforms or by a confederation of press outlets whose loyalty to the Democratic Party far now overshadows its obligations to inform.
Obviously, Fox is not much better, in terms of its willingness to report negative information about Trump and Republicans, but Fox doesn’t have the reach that this emerging partnership between mass media, law enforcement, and tech platforms does. That group’s reaction to the New York Post story is formalizing a decision to abandon the media’s old true/untrue standard for a different test that involves other, more politicized questions, like provenance and editorial intent.
Take the example of the taped conversations between Joe Biden and former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, which Ukrainian parliamentarian Andrei Derkach has been rolling out in press conferences for some time now.
Derkach is a highly suspicious character to say the least, a man even Rudy Giuliani assessed as having a “50/50” chance of being a Russian agent. He has for some time now been disseminating information that is clearly beneficial to Russian interests.
Nonetheless, the Biden/Poroshenko recordings he’s released appear to be real. Still, Atlantic columnist Edward-Isaac Dovere this summer bragged about how media members learned their lesson after the experience of 2016, when (real) emails from the DNC suspected of being hacked by Russians were released by Wikileaks. The correct path instead is for a priesthood of “mainstream” outlets to assess whether or not the material has enough news value to publish:
It’s hard not to feel some déjà vu here. In 2016, Russian intelligence agents hacked the emails of Democratic National Committee staffers and Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, and delivered them to WikiLeaks, as a way to get them into the American media. Some outlets learned a lesson from that episode, and have treated new Biden recordings out of Ukraine with care…Most mainstream-media outlets have decided that the recordings that have emerged so far offer “little new insight into Biden’s actions in Ukraine,” as The Washington Post’s Carol Morello wrote after the recordings were first released.
However they came to reach the public, the Biden-Poroshenko tapes are a newsworthy window into how America leverages its power to impact the lives of every single person in countries like Ukraine. One amazing exchange came on May 16, 2016, when Poroshenko pleaded with Biden to approve an aid package:
Poroshenko: I think that within the last three weeks, we demonstrate real great progress in the sphere of reforms. We voted in the parliament for 100% tariffs despite the fact that the IMF expected only 75%… We are launching reform for the prices for medicine, removing all the obstacles.Biden: I agree.
Poroshenko was telling Joe Biden that in order to get an American aid package, he’d gone beyond even what the I.M.F. asked for and raised energy prices for ordinary Ukrainians not by 75%, but by 100%, as well as taking steps to curtail subsidized medicine prices.
This is clearly newsworthy, but the few outlets like the Washington Post that even bothered to report on these tapes only did so to convey their distaste for the source, and to relay news that the Biden camp believed it all to be “a continuation of a long-standing Russian effort to hurt the former vice president.”
Press outlets began some time ago to describe such material as “misinformation” or “disinformation,” even though items like the Derkach tapes (or the leaked calls between State Department officials Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt discussing who should be Ukraine’s interim leader after the Euromaidan revolution) are neither. By definition, both terms normally require an element of “false information.”
In one recent AP story, reporters spent more time asking Twitter and Facebook why they’d allowed material from the Derkach tapes to be spread than they did weighing the truth of the information in the tapes. Their conclusion was a warning from “disinformation fellow” Nina Jankowicz from the “non-partisan Wilson Center,” about Twitter and Facebook rules that allowed some of this information through:
That’s a loophole foreign and domestic troublemakers are inclined to continue exploiting before Election Day, Jankowicz said.“If you get a piece of information in the hands of the right American, it can absolutely spin out of control and make the national news in a couple of days,” she said.
Connecticut Senator Senator Chris Murphy, racing past Adam Schiff in his candidacy to become this era’s more odorless and colorless version of McCarthy, went even further this week, telling CNN that Russian disinformation efforts are “more problematic” than in 2016. He said this was because “this time around, the Russians have decided to cultivate U.S. citizens as assets. They are attempting to try to spread their propaganda in the mainstream media.”
Note that unlike the Derkach tapes, where the foreign interference issue is obvious, the New York Post material hasn’t been conclusively tied to Russia (it has also been denied by the Director of National Intelligence, not that blue-state audiences care). Nonetheless, politicians and pundits alike freely make such accusations.
In an interview with Yahoo!’s “On the Move” program, anchor Adam Shapiro became one of the only members of the press — think of how shameful that is — to ask a prominent Democrat to make a statement about the veracity of the New York Post story. Shapiro asked Murphy:
Even if it’s an outright lie, or Russian… some kind of interference… We haven’t heard the Bidens say it’s absolutely not true. We haven’t heard Hunter Biden say that or the Senator say that. Do they need to say that?
To which Murphy replied, “I mean, what a victory for Russian propaganda, that we’re talking about this right now.” He went on to non-answer the question, which has essentially been declared illegitimate, by the press first of all. The least curious people in the country right now appear to be the credentialed news media, a situation normally unique to tinpot authoritarian societies.
If the problem is “American citizens” being cultivated as “assets” trying to put “interference” in the mainstream media, the logical next step is to start asking Internet platforms to shut down accounts belonging to any American journalist with the temerity to report material leaked by foreigners (the wrong foreigners, of course – it will continue to be okay to report things like the “black ledger”). From Fox or the Daily Caller on the right*,* to left-leaning outlets like Consortium or the World Socialist Web Site, to writers like me even – we’re all now clearly in range of new speech restrictions, even if we stick to long-ago-established factual standards.
As has been hinted at by several prominent journalists, controversies erupted within newsrooms across New York and Washington in the last week. Editors have been telling charges that any effort to determine whether or not the Biden laptop material is true, or to ask the Biden campaign to confirm or deny the story, will either not be allowed or put through heightened fact-checking procedures.
On the other hand, if you want to assert without any evidence at all that the New York Post story is Russian interference, you can essentially go straight into print.
Many people on the liberal side of the political aisle don’t have a problem with this, focused as they are on the upcoming Trump-Biden election. But this same press corps might be weeks away from assuming responsibility for challenging a Biden administration. If they’ve already calculated once that a true story may be buried for political reasons because the other “side” is worse, they will surely make that same calculation again.
What happens a month from now when an ambitious Republican like Tom Cotton leaks a document damaging to a President-Elect Biden? Or two years from now, if in the weeks before midterm elections, we get bad economic news, or a Biden/Harris administration foreign policy initiative takes a turn for the worse? Are we sure those stories will be run?
The Republican version of Burisma story – essentially, that former General Prosecutor Viktor Shokin was Elliott Ness, and Joe Biden intervened to fire him specifically to aid his son’s company – is also not supported by evidence. What Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his cohorts have done to date is take a few unreported or under-reported facts and leap straight to a maximalist interpretation of corruption on Joe Biden’s part.
This isn’t right, but the room to make that argument has been created by the ongoing squelching of information coming from Ukraine. The suppression story is almost certainly a bigger scandal than the Hunter Biden affair itself, but it’s all become part of the same picture.
There is more to the article but i don't have access to it because i'm poor. but I hope someone found this worth the read.
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2020.10.25 22:12 sonofanich TRAPPED AT HOME FEST #2 — TAKING APPLICATIONS NOW

Hello trap!
As you may or may not know, a month ago, u/valdeezwoobz, u/cdj2000, and I, along with 12 other artist threw a virtual festival for the subreddit, benefitting the victims of the Beirut explosion. We managed to raise $1000, which blew us away because that exceeded our expectations.
With that being said, we are beginning to prepare to do another installment of the festival. Last time, we arranged the lineup through word of mouth as a test trial for this, but this time we want to open it up to the entire subreddit so everyone who wants to play can have the opportunity to be selected.
Before applying please understand this:
  1. You do not need to be a producer in order to participate! In fact, several of our artists last time do not produce but are just excellent mix curators.
  2. Preference will be given to people who are actually active in this subreddit. This is a virtual festival for the subreddit so we want to make sure we highlight the people who actually frequent this subreddit rather than just come here to post their music. That being said, this is not a requirement; you could still be selected if you aren't very active, but your music will need to speak excellently for you. The other side to this is that just because you are somebody who posts music every day doesn't mean you are guaranteed a spot.
  3. You will be required to have visuals accompany your set. This festival will all be done on Twitch.TV/TrappedAtHomeFest and it would be pretty boring if it was just audio with no visuals as we would not provide the visuals. Examples of visuals could be a video of you DJing the set, tour visuals, a video edited to your mix, or you could even pay somebody to make visuals for your set — whatever works, but if you have questions let me know.
  4. You must have availibility in early 2021. Exact dates will be collectively decided on later, but if you anticipate that you will not have the time to commit to completing this set, do not apply.
  5. Your final set will be between 30-45 minutes. If you do not think you'll be able to make a mix and visuals that long, do not apply.
What we will be looking for in your submissions:
  1. Curation: This is probably the single most important criteria we will be looking at. We want to see that you have the ability to find great tunes and that you're not just playing all the hits. There's a saying, a good DJ plays what you want to hear; a great DJ plays what you didn't know that you wanted to hear.
  2. Cohesiveness/Fluidity: If you want to play multiple different styles in your set, you're more than welcome to do so, but be sure it's cohesive and fits together and not all over the place. Adding onto this, we want good clean transitions if you submit a mix as your submission.
  3. Diversity: This is a fest for trap, but if you had attended TaHF 1, you would've seen that we had a variety of styles ranging from trap, house, DnB, halftime, throwbacks, wave, jungle, IDM and more. This doesn't mean make your set include all of these, just understand that in creating the lineup we will want to make sure we're putting together a diverse lineup and not just a bunch of people playing high-energy hybrid trap.
  4. Originality: This especially goes for anyone who chooses to submit original music as their submission, we want to select artists who are doing something special.
That being said, if you wish to apply for this, here is what you need to do:
  1. Prepare either a 15 minute minimix or a playlist of five of your original songs. If you choose to do the minimix, I HIGHLY recommend doing it on the medium you will be doing your final mix on (e.g., if you're going to do a DJ set, record it in Serato/Rekordbox/Traktor or if you're going to do a mix in your DAW, record it in your DAW). If you choose to submit original music instead, please be sure that the 5 songs you select are representative of the music you'll be playing. Please do not submit edits or mashups.
  2. Fill out the Google Form here:
  3. Deadline to submit is November 30th at 11:59 PM PST. That means you have more than a month to get this all together. I recommend bookmarking this post so you can find it later.
  4. Note: If you are a verified artist or mod who wishes to participate, PM me directly instead of filling out the form.
Thanks everyone! If you have any questions, please feel free to hit me up! Stoked to be doing this again!
~ Nich (aka lonewulf)
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